The Sad Barnacle on the S.S. Pringle’s Bottom

Why is everybody always pickin' on me?

As he slithers off into sad irrelevance, the former blog proprietor, now blog wage slave, Matthew J. Cunningham, is looking for any sugar daddy he can latch onto. After we blew his cover as a hyper-liberal nanny state teat sucker, he clearly needs work, and scribbling out press releases for the campaigns of Curt Pringle puppets may not even pay the rent.

Cynthia Ward, one of a diminishing breed of honest Anaheimers recently posted on the Red County blog about complaints to the State Attorney General about the incompatible offices held by Anaheim’s Mayor-for-Hire, Curt Pringle, who also holds the esteemed positions of OCTA Board member and California High Speed Rail Authority Chairman.

Right on cue, Cunningham attacked me, personally, instead of explaining why Pringle has been using his chairmanship of the CHRA swindle to try to move state taxpayer resources into his OCTA subsidized Anaheim ARTIC boondoggle.

It's in my interest and that means it's good for everybody...

Oh, yeah, that one. The one that has already misdirected $140,000,000 of County-wide transit tax dollars for the immediate benefit of Pringle’s useless glass Taj Mahal. And let’s not forget the biz the soon-to-be termed out Pringle will be passing to himself when his “consulting” business really gets to some serious greasin.’

A deep thought or a hard stool?

Cunningham has always congratulated himself on his self-perceived powers of thought and argumentation and “credibility,” a credibility that certainly took a shot in the mauve speedos when folks found out he was making $200 an hour passing out toothbrushes for Rob Reiner’s tax-and-redistribute First Five program. Well, lets take a gander at what Mr. Credibility has to say about yours truly. He begins his comments:

You neglected to mention the central in this drama being played by Tony Bushala, who has developed a habit of filing complaints against political enemies — or, at least, against those he perceives to be antagonistic to politicians he supports. Does anyone believe he would have filed a complaint if the Mayor in question wasn’t Curt Pringle? Or more to the point, if Curt Pringle had supported Shawn Nelson for supervisor?

Huh? A habit of complaints against political enemies? Oh yeah, like the serial perjuries of Harry Sidhu? Right well, that was one complaint. A habit?  And what does Pringle’s behavior have to do with Shawn Nelson? That’s right, nothing.

This is an attempt to criminalize a policy dispute. Even if a conflict exists — which is flimsy possibility, at best — it will be obviated in two months when Curt ceases being both the Mayor of Anaheim and a member of the OCTA Board.

Attempt to criminalize? Who said anything about “criminals” beside The Jerb? Oops, a Freudian slip? But really: “a policy dispute?! Like fraudulently bamboozling the public into a deal the perpetrators of which knew or suspected was based on cooked up rideship numbers? No, not fraud, merely a policy dispute!

I know, says Cunningham. Let’s look the other way (obviate – there’s an awful big word for such a small boy) just like Jerbal did by exclaiming that Sidhu didn’t commit perjury because his supposed stay at the Calabria Apartments was a lie of such short duration.

But wait, then there’s this gem:

Bushala’s call? Cynthia, his involvement is hugely relevant. I’m not going into CARRD’s motives — other than trying to remove an effective opponent before mayoral term limits renders the complaint moot — but Bushala has been actively trying to inflict harm on Curt, so his motives ought to be suspect.

Wrong. Pringle is responsible for his own behavior. We’re just shining a light on it. If illumination of Pringle’s activities is harmful, that ‘s his fault! But, come to think of it, why should an honest politician worry about citizens bringing attention to his activities?

Bushala is a land speculator. It’s my understanding he’s trying to get the city to re-zone properties he has so he can develop them.

Oh no! An evil land speculator! Heaven forfend! Free enterprise is breaking out all over and Cunningham’s scared! The facts are wrong, and not relevant to anything he’s talking about but let’s try to whip up a little anti-capitalist hysteria, shall we, comrade, as we try out our old distraction trick.

It’s also my understanding he and his brother are coming into somewhere in the neighborhood of $13 million in an “eminent domain” action by the OCTA. I use quotes when local governments seeking to purchase property for some public purpose, the property owners often want the city to eminent domain them, instead, because of the tax advantages.

“Using quotes” – the humorless Jerb is getting all ironical on us here, and inserting more irrelevant information about which he knows nothing, but weasels his way around that fact by saying it is his “understanding.” Why didn’t he say misunderstanding and at least tell the truth?

Finally, this is an opinion from the Leg Counsel. Opinion. I take it you believe every legal opinion rendered by the Anaheim City Attorney to hold the force of law?

Holy Shit! Now the poor loser has really his rock bottom. Well almost. This motormouth’s not done making a fool of himself, now using numbered paragraphs to give his nonsense the color of authority:

1. Bushala’s motives are absolutely fair game, and it ought to have been noted in the post that one of the filers of the complaint is not only an avowed political enemy of Curt Pringle but someone whose honesty is questionable.

How does he know I am an “avowed” anything? And what in the world do my motives have to do with Pringle’s behavior, including his career of influence peddling under the guise of “lobbying?” My honesty is questionable? Ha! See next item, below.

2. At the end of the day, what Bushala and CARRD have is an opinion of about the applicability of an opinion. Which a far sight sight from Bushala’s claim that Curt is “breaking the law.”

And now an outright lie from Mr. Credibility. I never said that. Here’s what I said: “The credibility of the California High Speed Rail Authority program, and more importantly, both the appearance and substance of fair, open and honest government in California, demand it.” Hmm. Pringle a law breaker? Another Freudian slip by Cunningham?

3. Curt has been on CHSRC for three years. It wasn’t exactly a secret he was also Anaheim Mayor and an OCTA Director. Why only file a complaint now, when he’ll be leaving office in two months and the alleged incompatibility would be a moot point — assuming it even exists?

The fact that I became aware of the Legislative Counsel’s finding only week ago seems irrelevant to Cunningham, but not to me. There’s still a month for this miscreant to call meetings and cast votes. Cunningham, who loves to put time limits on honesty when it comes to his patrons and political clients just doesn’t seem to get it.

Oh, well, the facts clearly mean nothing to Cunningham, assuming he can even grasp them through the waves of desperation that make him cling to a creep like Pringle like a drowning man clings to a rock in the ocean. And I honestly wonder if Pringle sent him a check for that string of drivel.

Get in line, boy. And stay there.

Well, folks, there you have the very essence of repuglicanism: turn looking the other way into a full time business; in fact, try to make some green off of it. Perv priests, Church cover-ups, bogus consulting contracts doled out to fellow ‘pugs, “privatization” of unnecessary functions that benefit only yourself and your pals; ignore the facts; hell, forget your own party and its supposed principles when your crime boss tells you to.

32 Replies to “The Sad Barnacle on the S.S. Pringle’s Bottom”

  1. Good God, that guy never tires of whoring himself out. Well, that must be how he got rewarded by Rob Reiner/Bill Campbell’s Children and Families Commission.

    Good job picking apart his nonsense.

  2. Somebody needs to scrape the hull of that boat.

    Still, will Pringle’s puppets on the Anaheim City Council keep Pringle swimming in gravy? Lots of people in the County are now dialed in to all the little deals this person has orchestrated for himself.

  3. If the complaint is baseless why does he gare so much?

    There is nothing the writers of this blog could do to get the group up north to file the complaint or to get the Senate counsel to issue an opinion that Pringle’s offices are not compatible. Pringle has chosen this path and the fact that he has not been called on it until now is not an argument in support of anything.

    The only question that matters is this: COULD Mr. Pringle’s loyalties to the High Speed Rail Authority ever be challenged by his loyalty to bring money to his city, Anaheim? If the answer is “yes”, the public and Mr. Pringle have a problem no matter how close he is to his term ending.

    Any objective view of the situation will accept that divided loyalties COULD exist and that is all that is necessary. Finding that divided loyalty actually do or did exist is not relevant and not the test for a conflict.

    Sorry Cunningham, this is a self inflicted wound by Mr. Pringle. Your hate for Bushala or his for you is a sideshow.

  4. I cottoned on to this guy’s technique the very first time we crossed paths. Diversion, obfuscation, half-truths, etc.

    Now it looks like he’s resorting to just making stuff up. I’d bet my last dollar he’s on Pringle’s payroll now.

    1. You’re probably right. He is writing press releases for Tom Tait’s campaign in Anaheim; and Tait is only running because Pringle talked him into it.

  5. Don’t you just love to see Matt trying in vain to Jedi mind trick people….

    “Nothing to see here. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for”…oh okay Matt

    Excellent post admin.

  6. Mr. Matthew “Janus, he with two faces” Cunningham can not seem to comprehend what a sound argument is. He mistakenly believes rhetorical fallacies are valid. His fallacies span the range of the emotional, ethical and logical. He clearly fails in ethics and logic. May he and his fellow blood sucking barnacles sink to the bottom of the deepest depths of oblivion.

  7. Here’s a list of the “Associates” at Curt Pringle & Associates (

    Hizzoner Curt Pringle hisself
    Peter Wittingham
    Todd Priest
    Melinda Andrade
    Austin Rogers
    Ryan Casey

    We should all beware. That’s 60 fingers going for your wallet.

  8. Not that being light in the loafers matters, but Stienway might be onto something referencing Pringle & Ass’s. group group being a band of thieves with their eye on steeling our (tax) dollars.

    Sad to say but absent anyone willing to stop this sort of thing from happening, thats exactly what’s going to happen. I guess that’s just the nature of govment and lobbyist.

    After all they’re (lobbyist) the same collection of fucks that get the same group of zeros (politicians) elected to office year after fucking year 🙁

  9. it seems really obvious that people who spend so much time writing such negativity must have something to gain by publicly bad mouthing someone. note to bloggers more neutrality goes much further. heck after reading this blog I’m leaning toward supporting the guy. he must be quite savvy to have this much power over all of your time.

    1. Yes you should “support” that guy. He’s right up your alley. He suffers from what doctors and professors of ethics call the “Little Billy Turner” syndrome – in which individuals with poorly defined ethical parameters get involved in politics at way too early an age. As you can see the malady can last a life time.

  10. Note to Tustin Guy supposed neutrality is for newspapers not blogs. Read the oc register if you want “neutrality base basis.” fullertons future is where read stories and real reporting happens.

  11. Tony, maybe you don’t see how creepy your obsession with Cunningham looks to others. You need to get a life.

    1. Matt took the first swing here. I posted the piece to Red County that there was a problem with Katz and Pringle very likely holding incompaitble offices, based on an opinion from the Legislative Counsel’s office. Matt Cunningham immediately jumped on the post, discrediting the entire piece because Tony Bushala submitted a complaint to the State demanding that the AG enforce the law. Matt hit first this time.

  12. Are you in high school?

    He made a few comments about you and you spend your Sunday writing this long-ass post about him. You spend way more time writing about him than he spends on you. The Tustin commenter has a point.

  13. It only took me a few minutes. I’m a pretty good writer.

    Question: if somebody called you dishonest would you just let it go?

  14. well maybe less radical would draw support to your argument. it seems to me that actions speak much louder than blogs or newspapers and having lived in ocmy entire life I can’t name another city that has done as much as Anaheim. thanks for all of your comments. I’m going to look into pringle more and at this point I’m a supporter. thanks guys

    1. Questioning Pringle’s actions is not the same as attacking him. I am a Pringle fan from way back (was) but I cannot agree with him on the way HSR is being implemented, and I am tired of being personally attacked by his sock puppets when i question the project. Now Tony is calling BS on the project and he is being attacked. Senator Lowenthal has been bringing up questions of these incompatible offices for some time, especially after Pringle tried to get hundreds of millions out of the HSR bank to expand ARTIC when other communities are not getting that advantage. And the Leg Counsel’s opinion is pretty clear. I posted about that and Cunningham, rather than address the issues, attacked Bushala for filing a complaint. Tony and I do not always agree, but he was right to call Matt on this. Cunningham should have addressed the varacity of the charges regarding incompatible offices, instead he personally insulted Bushala. Not cool.

  15. got my first responses to inquiries and all comments centered around his high intelligence leadership skills and ethics. seems to contradict this blog dedicated to his downfall. makes sense to me. blogs are even less reliable than newspapers and radicals are radicals no matter their race or religion or if they live in oc or Saudi. you seem to have very similar traits.

    1. High intelligence. You must be kidding. Oh yeah, he’s got a real knack for manipulating people dumber than he is. Ethics? You must be fucking joking. The guy’s been peddling influence longer since you know who was on the cross.

      Pringle’s success has been discovering a niche where his natural instincts have paid off: milking government for his own benefit. And that makes him a repuglican poster boy.

  16. haha its funny u guys make fun of him for his f-150, when bushala drives and even larger more compensatory ford superduty

      1. When is the last time any public trains made any money. The only people who are going to make money are does fancy consultants like Pringle.

  17. Well, this post and other related material about Pringle gives Arnold an opportunity to appoint someone else.

    Therefore, Pringle…find another line of work!

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