Paranoid McKinley Puts $500 Bounty on His Opponents After Ice Pick Incident

Check out this odd blob from Frank Mickadiet. According to ex-chief Pat McKinley, some vandal ice picked the Kevlar-lined gas tank on his F-150 a few weeks ago, dumping his fuel onto the street.

OK, that’s unfortunate. But here’s the strange part: McKinley believes that this act was committed by one of his political opponents.

You're lucky the She Bear didn't catch you.

Even softball Mickadiet can’t resist pointing out that McKinley sounds a bit paranoid.  Take a look at the guys he’s running against and try to figure out which one of them would be capable of such a stupid stunt.

Nevertheless, McKinley is now offering a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator.

26 Replies to “Paranoid McKinley Puts $500 Bounty on His Opponents After Ice Pick Incident”

  1. A reward?

    Oops. I can remember when old cue ball got up in front of the council and told them rewards didn’t work!

    1. I agree. What kind of tool wraps their fuel tank with Kevlar? Was it leftover material from his Fullerton armored vest failure? Or maybe it was a gift from a certain military contractor.

      1. I bet he feels really important though. Or would it be impotent? I bet that is the first thing he tells everyone about his truck too. As the saying goes, “hey nice truck, sorry about your dick…”

  2. I just read about McKinley’s F-150 on his website. He says it’s “no ordinary truck.”

    Sounds a lot like the truck of our cartoon Fire Hero. Is there a police union sticker on it?

  3. McKinley is paranoid. Have you noticed his body armor, a.k.a. bullet-proof vest, while stumping at those lame debates???

  4. I’m sure Pat McKinley is well equipped to return the favor with a round of ammo had he witnessed the crime taking place.

    I fail to see how a person vandalizing McKinley’s fuel tank would derail his campaign or make any difference whatsoever. Everybody in the City, including his opponents, knows that he’s well-to-do and this sort of thing is nothing more than a temporary inconvenience. Fixing the damage won’t break the bank, and neither will the reward he is offering. Only a damn fool would go to these lengths for political reasons.

    Chief McKinley, Let’s get real about this, if an opponent wanted to annoy you in such petty fashion, they could have placed a wad of chewing gum in your chair at City Hall. You can’t be an effective council member if you instantly assume the citizens of Fullerton are all out to get you.

  5. I have no idea who punched McKinley’s gas tank. But being a Chief for the department for 15 years, living there most of the time, and no vandalism.

    A year and a half of retirement, and no vandalism.

    He’s running for the first time and a little more than a month, and suddenly, vandalism.

    Does that mean it’s a for sure thing? No, but it’s sure a reasonable possibility.

  6. #13 & #14 (same idiot):

    1) glad you don’t do investigative work for a living, and

    2) glad you don’t do investigative work for a living, and

    3) you posed with Nelson for that photo; get over it.

  7. Candidate Johnnie Atkinson wrote on our Facebook that the air was let out of his tires yesterday. Hmmmmm….

    1. Isn’t Johnnie a Fullerton College security guard? Doesn’t he piss off a lot of people including high school kids who get tickets parking in the college’s parking structure on Friday nights for football games?

  8. It had to be Chaffee. He’s probably pissed McKinley is running its suppose to be Chaffee’s year!

  9. again tony must be even more impotent then this guy, he drives an even more obnoxiously large truck, its funny how you guys just pass over this stuff

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