The Lineup, Part I

We’re not too sure how diligent the FPD is going to be in its investigation into the political sign theft ring that is operating out of Roland Chi’s van. So, ever helpful, we thought we might be able to facilitate things up a bit with a little help from our Friends.

So let’s roll back the curtain and take a peep at Perp #1. Remember this fine fellow, the one photgraphed stealing “No McKinley” signs at the intersection of Euclid and Rosecrans? Take a good look.

And now consider the image below, taken at the CRA endorsing event that was held a few weeks ago – the one where, Roland Chi stacked the meeting with a gaggle of newly minted CRA members, many of whom had to be told what to do and when to vote.

The handsome dude in the yellow shirt sure looks familiar. Could this indeed be the sign thief pictured above? Can’t quite zoom in on that name tag. You decide.

If you know, please share the identity of this individual. Your fellow Friends will be grateful. Hell, you may even get a Special Fringie Award come December!

20 Replies to “The Lineup, Part I”

  1. Send this to Zonya Townsend. I’m sure she has the registration list from that CRA meeting.

    I don’t think the CRA should allow themselves to be infiltrated by thieves and enemies of free speech.

  2. Isn’t the guy sitting to his right the same one in your story about the Bad Chi signs on Euclid and Malvern?

  3. I can hear the theme from Perry Mason in my head as I read this..good work guys. Now, while you are asking Mrs. Townsend, ask her if you have to be a registered voter to cast a vote at the CRA meetings? Someones wife, ahem, according to recent records there is only one person registered to vote at the R. Chi house..ahem..

  4. Sort of ironic that the police are backing this guy. They back a petty thief over a reformer like Whitaker.

    Is this like saying minor crime is cool just don’t mess with our pensions?

    1. I know a real good attorney Chi that would love to handle this case about this crappy site calling YOU a thief and making shit up about you.

  5. Bunch of snakes who tries to blend into the Fullerton Community.

    This should serve as a wake up call in Fullerton for those who plays and pretends to be “nice”, but they can’t be trusted. Many thanks to Roland Chi for playing the con game, perhaps this is why he tried the games in Garden Grove, but that didn’t work and flocked to Fullerton.

    Sneaky people!

  6. If he would respond, I would love to see Mr. Chi get asked: “Do you you know this man in the photo?”. “Have you ever seen him before”? let him lie his way into the corner again.

    Unfortunately he would never accept a question form FFFF and the OCR does’nt care and the observer……well…..

  7. Would it be racist for me to note that Fullerton’s last Korean-American councilperson also had trouble abiding by the law and was run out of town on accusations of illegal residency?

    I would like to know before I say it.

    1. Racist again if not a white friend of Tonys you’re evil. I can’t believe you have any following except your few friends and few personalities

  8. Mario, two is a pretty small sample from which to judge a whole population. I know some wonderful Korean people of fine moral character. I wish some of them would run for council instead of Roland Chi.

  9. OK, I certainly didn’t mean to imply that these traits apply to an entire population. I too know more than a few upstanding Korean Americans.

    I was just wondering if there is some sort of greater cultural misunderstanding that devalues free speech or following the law in some folks’ eyes.

    Or maybe the breed is just “ambitious politician.” That stench certainly can waft across all cultural boundaries.

  10. What happened to the cops who used to post comments here? It seems like they disappeared after their boy Chi got busted.

      1. There are a few cops who make comments on here when they think it suits them. My favorite ones go by “Gilligan” and “Bleed the Freak.”

  11. Well that settles it Compton. We both want a Korean to run Fullerton just like your kind run your slum town. Oh please call me a racist, I like it.

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