Neither rain, nor snow, nor thieves…

…shall keep the postmen from their appointed rounds.

It was a busy week for Fullerton’s trusty mail carriers. Here are some of the more entertaining pieces that landed in our Friends’ mailboxes in the last few days. As always, click to enlarge.

I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of hit pieces this year.

20 Replies to “Neither rain, nor snow, nor thieves…”

  1. Doug Chaffee mailer can now be called “WolfSheep”…almost like the Demon Sheep that arupted in the GOP Senate Primary…LOL!

  2. What a little whiney bitch who hids behind his shitty blog with his little toys (Nelson, Norby, Sebourn, Thompson and Whitaker). I wish these guys would grow a set so they could make their own decisions but instead they will be painted with the same brush as the nutball who runs the show and pays their bills. You must get one hell of a deal on rent to let this little man make the decisions for you. seperate yourself for the next time you run and you might have better luck,

    1. Last I checked Nelson won the county seat and will probably do the same in the run-off. Norby won the special election for the Assembly Seat. So I fail to see where the better luck next time comes in.

      By the how is the writer of this blog hiding? Everyone knows it is Tony who is one of the contributors, last i checked that’s not hiding. I think calling yourself “Puppet Master Tony” is hiding!

  3. Nothing like a comment that calls people whiny and then starts whining. Make a point, have some whit or shut the hell up whiner.

    1. My point Gerbil Geere is that Tony hides behind his little political puppets since he doesn’t have the balls to run himself. So bite me little whiner

  4. Oh how barry’s tears fill my banks. Oh how sad he is to be be on the take.
    Oh barry, oh barry…

  5. joe, remember when you attacked me for arguing that nelson killed jobs by not voting for coyote hills, you had some idiotic comparison to killing your brother who doesnt even exist. Well this is attacking Chaffe for the same exact thing. What say you?

    1. Attacking Chaffee? Pull your head out of your ass. Travis posted an anti-Chaffee hit piece he got in the mail. It came from that sawed-of punk Royce.

      The piece is crap. Chaffee is not a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Chaffee is a sheep in sheep’s clothing!

  6. I think the point is that this stuff goes out from different sources about every candidate who is running be it at the local, State or Federal level. The issue is this..are they telling the truth or just a bunch of lies? I see a lot of truth in these three so stop whining. Oh wait..that is why we call you a boo hoo, now I get it.

    1. Figuring out where the facts end and the BS starts is all part of our modern reality. I’ve noticed for example that most ‘hit’ pieces have a factual basis (hyperbolized for effect), pointing out issues that the candidate would rather not have come to light; facts that are sometimes too sensitive for opponents to use.

      Who thinks Roland, Aaron and Doug (I wonder who is next?) would volunteer such information?

      I believe the candidates that are the most honest actually have a disadvantage because they don’t ‘sugar coat’ for public consumption. Those are the types we need in office IMHP.

      1. Yes, we do hyperbole. But it’s pretty hard to overstate a bankruptcy or poisoning people and then flipping folks The Bird.

  7. Why can’t Anaheim mailers be this much fun? All I ever get in my mailbox are a bunch of union-paid pieces with pictures of happy cops and firefighters holding hands …

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