Watchdog Growls

Teri Sforza at the Register’s “OC Watchdog” bureau has posted a truly alarming story about three graduate students who’ve done some great digging on the compensation allocated to OC City Managers. The figures are astronomical and the publication couldn’t come at a worse time for these Miraculous Mandarins who do so well at our expense. Here’s the compilation:

Please try not to gag.

Be sure to check out the Fullerton row.

Thanks to Sforza for sharing. But the real thanks go to the kids who assembled the data – the real watchdogs.

4 Replies to “Watchdog Growls”

  1. And my prediction is that they will hire someone equally useless who will collect a huge salary and pension package completely disproportionate with their (lack of) competence and (lack of) expertise. It’s what they do.

  2. I must have missed something… what did the “Watchdog” do? It looks like all of the investigative work was done by a Laguna Hills council hopeful and some grad students. Sforza just wrote a couple of quick blog posts stuffed full of quotes from the report.

    Well I suppose it’s better than nothing.

  3. From City Councils, to County, State and Washington. While America has been asleep at the wheel our government employee unions have been diligently helping certain people get elected. Why not, they have the most to gain.

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