The Hypocrisy Deepens at Mauve County

Over in the purpling swamp of what used to be the “Red County” blog, Matthew J. Cunningham just topped himself, hypocrisy-wise.

Oops! I did it again.

Cunningham has been throwing out backhanded support for Tom Daly, a Democrat, in the campaign for 4th District Supervisor for a year now. Lately he has employed a pro-Daly blogger to actually promote Daly outright. That struck some people as odd for an allegedly “right of center” blog. Of course we know that Cunningham is just a gofer for John Lewis, the political impresario and lobbyist who is the mastermind of the Daly effort. That explains a lot. Including the lame post the other day by some fat-headed goon called Thomas Anthony Gordon attacking the race’s only real conservative – Shawn Nelson. And of course Daly’s campaign manager also chimed in, again using different aliases, to try to reinforce the theme.

Cunningham has been spinning the whole Daly thing by proclaiming that his is not a Republican blog, just a right of center one. When (and if) you get past the obvious discordance of a right of center blog supporting a union-backed Democrat and attacking a real conservative, you’re likely to find  some real hypocritical treasures –  as an alert Friend did today.

Opining in a comment in post thread  about the Mission Viejo recall of RINO Lance MacLean, Cunningham has the nerve to criticize the recallers for causing the replacement of a Republican with a Democrat!

Say what?

Isn’t that exactly what John Lewis & Co. are promoting in the 4th Supervisor campaign? Replacing Republican Chris Norby with a County employee union backed  Democrat – Tom Daly. For fun, check out last year’s Daly’s fundraiser host committee.

The union bosses and lobbyists arm wrestled for front row seats...

Lest you think a Democrat can be a real conservative just take a look who’s backing Daly – County union bosses Nick Berardino (OCEA), Wayne Quint (AOSD), and Joe Kerr, head of the County OC Firefighters. Of course they could be backing Daly because of his fiscal conservatism, huh?

Oh well. It’s not as if this were something we didn’t already know. Still, the hypocrisy is quite remarkable.

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  1. Have you ever witnessed a crime right in front of you and for a brief moment your mouth is open, eyes wide, and pondering “did that just happen”? That was my reading of the Daly support on the Bleeding Blue Blog.

    I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised considering other RINO threads on that blog.

    1. Not a crime, Gerg, just business as usual in Repuglican circles. And these clowns can’t figure out why so many rank and file Republicans are so pissed off.

  2. Hi guys – some of you remember when Hanlon and Cunningham beat their chest about ethics surrounding my ouster?

    At least I was clear about my biases (Poizner, McClintock, Sam Aanestad etc) – and in the case of Poizner was getting paid through a consultant… which I disclosed when asked.

    However, Hanlon is on the take from Whitman and took $20K on 12/3 then threw me out of Red County on 12/9 – keep firing away… there are many of us on the inside of the California GOP that are thoroughly disgusted with business as usual and the hypocricy.

    Cunningham is a fraud, Hanlon is a fraud… unbelievable… I am glad to be out of Red County…

  3. Scott Baugh got it wrong the other night as he embarrassingly tried to shift his image over to the fiscal conservative movement, tossing down a gauntlet to any “Reep” who would take union money.

    What he should have said and more appropriately, I might add, was “No Reep should take lobbyist money.” Unfortunately, his friends, like Cunningham and reep traitor John SlimeBall Lewis with his proverbial ass monkey sidekick Matt Holder, could not make a living if that actually happened.

    Take a look at Daly’s list of co-hosts. Jessica O’Hare; Liberal worked for Townsend Affairs, Townsend himself (another Lib), Ruby another feeder at the trough of government, and the list just goes on. If someone needed to get a list of the all the lobbyist whores in the county, just print up that list of Daly’s Co-host committee.

    – Does anyone find it strange that Daly’s wife; Debbie Trabitoni is listed as a co-host and not as his Wife. Why would Daly not have his flyer say something like “Tom and Debbie invite you…..”? Cause its all about Tom and his narcissism.

    And, I might add, A POX ON THE HEADS OF THOSE (r) who are on that list.

    Admin, can you put together a rogues gallery page with pictures of all those people. You can’t tell who’s who without a program.

  4. Actually Ruby jumped off the SS Daly.

    I agree. Listing your wife as a host committee member is about as lame as you can get.

    Daly’s having a another party in a coupla weeks. We’ll probably be sharing the guest list, soon.

  5. Senor Cunningham loves “the phone call.” That way he can dole out his BS in private. Every time he puts something in writing he ends up face-first in a pile of elephant excrement.

  6. The Mauve County Mafia loves to apply pressure via the telephone. Be careful, Matt. The white van is listening!

  7. Sgt. York, wat to go! Its time for all this hypocrisy to end. Forget writing another blog. If you stand for exposing the posers and hypocrites you can write here for the Friends.

  8. I have been officially BLOCKED from Red County! What’s up with that?? Were my questions too hard??

    In response to one of Matt’s diatribes, I responded as follows:

    “That’s remarkable. I have one sentence about FFFF and Matthew gets defensive and goes on a massive diatribe about Bushala!
    What was NOT mentioned was why conservative bloggers and this site seem to be supporting a Democrat?
    Gordon makes some bold generalizations about defense attorneys and the evils they do. I like to generalize, but come on! The 6th Amendment protects a defendant’s right to counsel. What other rights would Gordon like to throw out? If a defense attorney gets an acquittal or a hung jury, the prosecution failed in some manner. These are really quite simple principles which need to be addressed more so than the legal practice of a candidate and its relevancy to a position on the Board of Supervisors.

    I equate Rubble’s attack on Sihdu/Galloway as an endorsement of Daly because she said as much in multiple posts.”

    It looks like the 1st Amendment was the next thing on their chopping block!

  9. I don’t think you were banned. It looks like Thomas Anthony Gordon’s post was wiped from Red County.

    “You are not authorized to access this page.”


    1. No the post is still there in all it’s primitive glory: the illiterate goon with words and music written by Chris Jones, aka Layfayette, John Adams, Poster Boy, etc. And all propped up by Cunningham and Everything for Sale Hanlon.

      Correct about the typical “Jerbal” spin though. Jesus H., this guy is crooked as a freakin’ corkscrew.

      1. “You are not authorized to access this page.”

        Yep. Definitely banned. Thankfully, I can use another IPA…

        As goofy as many of the comments on here might be, mine included, at least we still have free speech!

        1. Hard to say “too bad” because you aren’t missing much.

          I was banned for calling Cunningham gutless – which he is. He deliberately provoked me with a personal insult and when I responded I was banned.

          I figure it’s actually sort of a badge of honor, especially when you think about the kind of people Cunningham likes and respects, John Lewis, etc. .

          In any case the Mauve County hypocritical cat is now completely out of the bag.

          1. “I figure it’s actually sort of a badge of honor, especially when you think about the kind of people Cunningham likes and respects, John Lewis, etc.”

            Don’t forget the pedo-protector John Urell and former Sheriff/Crook Mike Carona and of course Ackerman inc – carpetbaggresse and her husband the crooked RINO lobbyist.

  10. Just came from the Democrats blog: RedClownty. Good lord, the way Cunningham carries on when anyone dares questions his bloger’s motivations, it would be funny if it wasn’t so sick.

    I think he needs to get back on some medication for those turett type rants. He realy is unhinged.

  11. Jesus man, for all those names you would think Daly would have raised a few hundred grand. I looked at his reports and it was some meager $40,000. Obviously the union goons have decided they wont give him big money. This way when it comes time for campaign mail they have full control of Daly’s message and can own his ass like they want too.

    Why would we support anyone who has put himself in this position? This dude has been elected to county wide office for years now, has always wanted to move up the ladder according to everyone that I talk to that knows him and all he raised in that time was this? That alone tells me he is a putz.

    One fundraiser a year for the last five years and any competent operator would be sitting on 4250k or more. I smelling a disaster waiting to happen for this guys personal situation. Even Galloway has out raised him.

    Pack it in Daly. Amateur union whore is not going to play well this year.

  12. Greg, I told you – I saw that same error message and I have never commented on Red County. They pulled the post, causing the “not authorized” error.

    They put the post back up late last night. Who knows what kind of drama is going on over there.

    When you are banned, I’m pretty sure you can still read the posts. You just can’t comment.

  13. I bash Cunningham/Jubal alot, perhaps sometimes pushing the limits of decorrum.

    But, I want to ask, what the fuck is the “Transom”?

    I looked it up in two different dictionaries and found nothing relating to the transmission of news data. I did find: 1. a crosspiece separating a door or the like from a window or fanlight above it. 2. Also called transom light, transom window.

    Now I am not reporter (neither is he), but whats with that?

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