The “Honorable” Jan Flory, et al.

No, no, put down that broomstick!

Looking down from doggie heaven on you folks I get some interesting perspectives on things. Like right now Fullerton has not a single female liberal running for the city council.

Back in 1982 & 86 it was everyone’s fave featherhead, Molly McClanahan; in 1988 it was Maryevelyn Bryden, a humorless old bat who was trounced by the still marginally cogent Bankhead; in 1992 it was my former broomstick wielding mistress, Jan Flory, who was chain-whipped by the incomprehensible Julie Sa; in 1994, 1998, and 2002 Flory ran again and actually won a couple of times.¬† In 2004 and 2006 Sharon Quirk and Pam Keller emerged, right on cue to claim their liberal XX chromosonal birthright. In 2008 it was the hapless Karen Haluza.

But now, in 2010? Nobody. The closest thing the Fullerton liberal crowd can point to is Doug Chaffee. And he isn’t a woman.

But wait! All is not lost! There’s always the hand-picked Ed Royce candidate and darling of the Dick Ackerman/dim-bulb Federated Republican Women crowd: Patrick McKinley.

On September 7, Jan Flory gave McKinley $200 – more than she spent on dog food for me in ten years. McKinley’s website also boasts the endorsement of McClanahan, too. So what gives?

Are the Fullerton Dems so sad and pathetic that they have to go along with Royce and Ackerman tools, the same repuglican goons who have worked so tirelessly for decades to undermine Democrat candidates and electeds? Remember that Ed Royce was the sole creator of Leland Wilson who knocked off the liberal beloved Flory in 2002.

And you know, now that I come come to think of it, I have to wonder if these endorsements don’t say just as much about McKinley as they do Flory and McClananhan. Hmm.

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    1. The only desperate thing is your cholesterol level after getting all that free Heroes grease in your gullet.

      But it all seemed so natural: you were hero and deserved it.

  1. Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane.

    Poor Miss Molly sits by the phone every other September waiting for Dick Ackerman’s call asking her to endorse another GOP establishment nitwit – Godfrey, Jones, et al.

    “Remember when we stood side by side to defend the Utility Tax” says he.

    “Ooh teehee!” says she.

  2. Interesting observation in re: Lady Dems of Fullerton (LDFs). Maybe it’s an endangered species.

    However, the RINO herd that emulates the LDFs so well seems to be a teeming breed. Hooray for Ed Royce. So many lackluster tools to choose from.

    P.S. As with the police and ambulance unions, I suspect McClanahan and Florby really, really want to just go with they they think will win and you can’t blame them for that. Life if full of hacks and frontrunners.

  3. This whole website is based on making excuses. Just like 4F’s won’t address why Nelson endorsed Roland Chi for City Council. They’ll just say you’ll have to ask him. Bullshit. They worship the guy. They should blast him for it since they hate Chi so much.

    No credibility here. Just excuses.

    1. Ah poor, Sad Assclown.

      Don’t be blue, When you “get retire” at 50 you can drop back in and pick up that GED.

  4. I’ll explain it more slowly for you.

    Royce supports more than his share of RINOs. McKinley, who earned the endorsement of the unions while bringing home a $215,000 pension, is a RINO. Whitaker, who has saved taxpayers millions of dollars, is not a RINO.

    Which of those statements would you like to refute?

    1. How does getting a $215,000 pension make someone a RINO? Didn’t the great Shawn Nelson sign up for the same pension abuse as McKinley?

      All I know is Chi is a carpet bagging food poisoner funded by Garden Grove and Los Angeles korean grocery store money. Why not the same eagerness into Whitaker and his background? Why did he fail to win election last time he was on the ballot?

      1. The $215,000 pension makes him a pension abuser. It’s his lack of resolve to implement serious pension reform that makes McKinley a RINO. The fact that he is now supported by the public employee unions drives home the point.

        I did all the same research into Chi, Gregg and Whitaker.

  5. Jo-Jo,

    I’m not blue and i won’t be retired at 50. I’m not hero and I don’t deserve either. I’m sure you laugh yourself to sleep repeating that every night. Talk about Ass-clown.

    Nevermind Travis, will you guys blast Nelson for endorsing Chi the same way you blast Chi? If you won’t then you’ve proved my point.

  6. Have any of you received any mail from candidates yet? I haven’t gotten anything, but I’m a poll-voting Republican.

  7. I was a poll voter until the county decided that they didn’t want to provide a polling place for my area. Only mail I’ve gotten was from Lou!

  8. Sean Nelson is a pension hypocrite. He jumped at the first good offer he got, then skulked away when it got hot.

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