Barry Speaks: Redevelopment Loans and the Lack of Public Input

This just came in from council candidate Barry Levinson:

Barry Levinson

Last Tuesday night was the vote on the issuance of housing bonds by the RDA in the amount not to exceed $29 million. The Mayor spoke and indicated that there will be no public comments on this issue.

The city attorney right before the vote was to begin, rightly reminded Mayor Bankhead that since the people cannot vote on whether or not to approve the bond issue, we should at least be allowed to voice our non-binding opinions.

Here are some of my comments I presented to the council:

Mayor and council shame on all of you for almost forfeiting our right as Fullertonians to speak out on this housing bond issuance.

We need better oversight over the RDA projects.  The city council and the rest of the RDA should not be the ones policing themselves.

The RDA is the only taxing authority that requires no voter approval. We as taxpayers, S/B given more information and more time to review these bond measures before it comes to a vote by council.

Since there will be 2 possibly 3 new council members as of November 2,  I suggested that this item be postponed to after the next election.

The council’s answers largely were defensive.  No one touched on the third rail issue of no voter participation!  Mayor Bankhead remained conspicuously quiet throughout the council’s responses to our objections.

And there you go; another council meeting where our rights as citizens were eroded and $29 million was obligated by the city council without a single vote cast by the people!

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  1. That bond issue has been around for several months. I even read about it here awhile back. “Evinson did not comment on it then so why now? Oh yeah, he needs votes.

    Levinson is late to the RDA game but better late than never.

  2. Need to listen to others sometime. RDA brings money to the city for expansion. Used wisely it’s benefical to the city.

    1. When has it ever been “used wisely” in Fullerton.?Most of it is completely wasted on shady developers and government land grabs.

      Redevelopment rarely helps anything, which is why it’s proponents are constantly qualifying its’ promotion with the phrase “used wisely.”

  3. Bankhead was conspicuously silent? Maybe he was concerned that someone would talk about the fact that he voted to spend $ 6 million to move a McDonald’s 150 feet with Redevelopment funds that come from selling bonds like these.

  4. I’m very pleased to learn of Levinson’s comments regarding these Redevelopment Ageny bonds-actions.

    The Redevelopment Agency expansion – perpetrated by Bankhead, Jones and Goofy, should be REVERSED and cancelled and the bonds not issued – repaid.

    Levinson’s got my vote and those of my family members.

    1. Be cautious who you vote for. Levinson is extremely hot headed and only considers his own personal opinion when fighting for a cause. His current mailer proves that point, Levinson fought a sexual predator who moved next door to him, he had no concern for predators who have moved into any other part of Fullerton before now. I will not be voting for Levinson. He won’t be able to lead with a clear head and he refuses to listen to what others say. NO on Levinson!

  5. I am highly concerned as a longtime citizen of fullerton such a political candidate as you read in his personal agenda is bashing efforts to build our city and as well clearly has no regard for people living and paying taxes in fullerton pushing for ordinances which force hard working people living or as well wanting to make fullerton city their home. Everyone deserves honest politicians and a second chance so “shame on you” Barry you make our future as a city and those wanting to build a peaceful future here in fullerton.
    We “don’t” need anymore politicians in California with personal agendas.

  6. In response to the comment by joe sipowicz we suggest you “read” and “completely” study this particular city council candidates personal views and thoughts which clearly reflect a “personal agenda” which only will prevent needed growth and tax dollars fullerton needs,And,eliminates positive “home” growth in our city.

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