The 2010 Fringies Are Coming to Town; Let the Fun Begin

Yes, you earned it.

Yes, Dear Friends, it’s that time of the year when young bloggers’ thoughts turn to love – love of the sublimely ridiculous, of course. And so we will bring you the 2nd Annual Fringie Awards.

You don’t deserve the abuse that is coming your way. Oh wait. You elected Chief MC Pension and Don Bonehead for the umpteenth time. You deserve exactly what you’re going to get.

7 Replies to “The 2010 Fringies Are Coming to Town; Let the Fun Begin”

  1. Most spectacular knockout goes to Shawn Nelson for the absolute annihilation of Harry Sidhu at the GOP Central Committee debate last spring.

    I have never seen one debate end so lopsided or have such a dramatic affect on voters view of a candidate. Of course, you guys showing the clip was priceless. Can we see it again?

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