Who’s Got the Huevos?

Maybe our La Habran neighbors to the north do. Their school board is now facing a strike by the La Habra Teachers’ Association, a body of both the CTA and the NEA unions. The issue? Their school board has given them a minuscule 2% pay cut and then refuses to call it “temporary.”

Negotiations had failed after several months and so the board was forced to impose increases in health care contributions as well as a reduction of 2 instructional days in order to deal with a 22% budget shortfall.

Amazing. A 22% budget hole and the teachers only had to take a 2% pay cut, and yet the union still plays the strike card.

Back in Fullerton, Superintendent Mitch Hovey has already articulated grave concern about pending negotiations, and Fullerton is in essentially the same financial straights as La Habra. It will be very interesting to see how our illustrious teachers’ union and our new school board deal with these issues.

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  1. FYI, their Superintendant asked for and received a big fat raise. Also, she came from Orange Unified where she was known for her WASTEFULNESS!

  2. I can’t put my finger on it, but I feel like there’s some abuse of the English language going on here.

  3. I see. The union is striking for a raise next year. Pigs.

    Listen to the speech by the intervening mayor at the end. He’s asserting that California’s budget problems are only “temporary.” Now how on earth would he know that? Budget problems seem to be a permanent fixture in CA.

  4. Fire these assholes and take on already laid off teachers from LA and the OC without a contract. Reagan would.

  5. While I wouldn’t call them names as Cringing did, (It’s your right not going to argue that.) I would let them go…….there are plenty of unemployed competent teachers in California right now willing to work for the salary set forth by the school board.

    Please La Habra set the precedent for the rest of the Unions to look toward as the folly of striking during this economy.

    Greed does amazing things doesn’t it. (Hi “Sanity Anyone”……see how I used greed there again!) 🙂

    1. I agree. Somebody needs to set the standard in OC.

      Plain and simple: the union is holding these kids’ education hostage.

  6. I see that union boss Nick Berardino is now on scene serving hot dogs to striking teachers.

    I wish courage to the substitutes who are crossing the picket line, enduring the shouts of “scab!” to do the jobs that these over-entitled union tools will not.

    Ironically, many of the subs are laid off teachers who were let go last year when the union refused pay cuts. How’s that for payback?

  7. I don’t know why I’m dignifying this ignorance by a response however, your facts should be better researched. Last year, the school board imposed (just took) payment for health and welfare benefits which were not negotiated. The cuts the district wants are permanent and the teachers are asking for temporary to be reinstated when times improve. There is no entitlement here. These people have worked long and hard under difficult circumstances to earn their salaries and benefits. When a superintendent can give herself a $40,000 raise and then take a pay cut from that and call it good, I suggest you look at that individual and ask who is self-serving. There are serious principles being mutilated here.

    1. The issue is plain and simple the time to pay teachers outrageous salaries is over! You work 9 months of the year, you have students 6 hours a day, you act like lesson plans and grading is hard, you’ve never had a real job! If you had you wouldn’t be complaining! I’m sick of these teachers and their entitlement attitudes indoctrinating our kids to believe this liberal bullshit! If you don’t like what you’re being offered quit there are plenty of good out of work teachers looking for jobs, in fact most of them were employed as subs when you took the last 6 days off! I think when a judge agrees with the district you’ll understand! You bastards aren’t the only ones that can teach! If you don’t like it quit!

  8. “There is no entitlement here.”

    “These people have worked long and hard”

    “These are not the droids you are looking for”

    I see your Jedi mind trick and declare that your statements are not backed by any facts or reason. They won’t work on me.

    What you cannot deny is that:

    1. There is no money to pay for the compensation that you demand.

    2. Nobody is under any obligation to pay you what you “think” you are worth.

    3. You should be fired.

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