Bill Campbell Weeps For Human Relations

Self-styled conservative 3rd District Supervisor Bill Campbell, who supported Harry Sidhu and who sits atop the Children and Families Commission – where he directs public largess to his pals and cronies, supports the OC Human Relations Commission.

Does he ever.

Here’s a clip of Big Bill actually choking up over the possibility that the Board of Supervisors might actually do the right thing and pull the taxpayer plug on this nonsense.

Notice that his focus is not on “measuring” anything, but is anecdotal and really is just about “showing” that the County has concerns for everyone. Typical.

Oh, and way to be in touch with your feelings, big guy.

11 Replies to “Bill Campbell Weeps For Human Relations”

  1. His anecdote is useless. So something happened somewhere and the comission showed up a day before Campbell could? WTF is the point of all this?

  2. Note to the Supe: Cross burnings are dealt with by the Anaheim Police Department, and we have been intolerant of that behavior since we booted the KKK back before the Great Depression. What do we need another County tax bloat for? And he did not even say what the Commision did about the cross burning, only that they got there before he did. If we really want to promote tolerance and a warm fuzzy for our fellow man, drop the stress level of the average citizen by reducing some of our tax burdens! Taking our hard earned money (by force) for another wasteful commission is not doing a blessed thing to make people friendlier to one another.

  3. From what I hear Campbell is the nexus in the Curt Pringle/John Lewis drain the County dry repuglican machinery. I think he’s one of those people who really craves attention and recognition and probably gets it from ‘Pug Central.

  4. Burning a cross on somebody’s lawn is a “hate crime” and will be prosecuted as such. Any input from Rusty Kennedy on this is superfluous.

    Campbell ought to be ashamed of himself. Of course I’ve also read his heart felt praise of the Children and Families Commission.

    Oh, wait. Cunningham wrote that.

  5. if memory serves me correctly, Rusty Kennedy of the Orange County Human Relations Commission used a cross burning incident on a Jewish couple’s lawn in Huntington Beach. What the OCHRC failed tpo mention in citing this hate crime was it was the couple’s son. Yet, this incident was used as a glaring incident to justify continued tax dollar funding of this frivolous county agency. Next time we call the police or fire department where seconds determine life or death, blame the delay of our real heroes on lay offs of these persons so to continue funding of Rusty Kennedy’s Orange County Human Relations Commission. As an aside, Bill Campbell’s performance should win him the best ham actor award.

    1. Thanks for that. About time. Tony Rackauakas is a front for the worst organized criminals of all: repuglicans.

  6. Campbell has been in denial about the epidemic of child sexual abuse in the Catholic church – because he is a practicing Catholic. I wonder if when he is finally a practicing retiree he will suddenlly gain empathy for county retirees once he is one (unlike his attitude while in office)? Known for a short-fuse temper, we need to “thank this guy for years and years of public service and send him to some retirement manor somewhere to never be heard from again. What worries me though is that it could get worse – if someone like Tom Daly winds up replacing him. Boy, the people we elect!

    1. Daly doesn’t live in the 3rd Distirct.

      Campbell already has “empathy” for County retirees. He gave them 2.7 at 55 back in 2004.

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