“Stop The Insanity!” Cries Anguished Red County Hypocrite

The methane made me do it...

Over at the Red County blog Matthew J. Cunningham has gotten his lavender briefs into a self-righteous snarl over some guy named Tim Whitacre. Whitacre’s ostensible offense? Claiming that the Lewis Consulting Group is on Hide and Seek Sidhu’s payroll. In reality his offense was standing up at the GOP Central Committee meeting last week and reminding everybody that Harry Sidhu is an opportunistic carpetbagger.

You would think that somebody like Cunningham who pretends to be a political and social conservative, but who, in reality, has an annual contract with Rob “Meathead” Reiner’s Children and Families Commission of almost $200,000 a year would just clam up. But no. Silence is not in him.  Instead he prefers to keep opining in his usual way: in a crab-wise crawl across the truth.

First you call your opponents insane (or tin-foil hat wearing, delusional, paranoid, etc.) Of course sane people don’t argue with the insane – but that never stopped Cunningham – who will keep jabbering away until the lights are shut off. Then you start carefully parsing out where your opponent is making stuff up, and has no proof, etc.

Philosophical question: is it possible to slander a campaign consultant?

In this case the fake issue is whether Lewis is actually getting paid directly from Sidhu or not. Lewis must have informed The Jerb that he isn’t. So he then is safe in saying Whitacre has no proof that Lewis is. But Lewis is indeed working for Sidhu – one way or another. His payment may come later if he is working on spec – either in deferment or simply in access to Norby’s old office for the inevitable lobbying. As one of our commenters pointed out he may also be working on an IE against Shawn Nelson. In any of these scenarios some kind of disclosure by his partner Matt Holder should have been made at the Central Committee meeting.

So the gist of what Whitacre has to say is very much valid.

Cunningham finishes up by saying Whitacre has no proof that Nelson is the stronger candidate even though, ironically, he has no proof that Whitacre doesn’t. Of course you wouldn’t even need to have poll results to tell that Sidhu is a bumbling assclown who will be lucky to get 9% of the vote. Oh yeah, he’s also a perpetual office seeking carpetbagger. And a casual perjurer.

Coming soon to an elective office in your neighborhood...

Ah the faux outrage! Such a fun spectacle when it fails. And when you’re a hypocrite repuglican whose cover’s been blown, it’s only going to get tougher to pull off.

10 Replies to ““Stop The Insanity!” Cries Anguished Red County Hypocrite”

    1. and can you believe that Janet Nguyen, Corrupt Curt Pringle and John Lewis put their names behind this phony guy?!

      Outside of a few of the council people who don’t know any better, nobody backing the Ass Clown Sidhu even lives in the 4th.

  1. Anyone else notice that Sidhu’s signs are fading badly? He put them out really early and they look like trash today.

    The sun has not been kind to them. The fluorescent orange “HARRY” is now a rotten beige. It looks really bad when they are next to shiny new “CARPETBAGGER” sign. Keep it up.

  2. yes, Jerbie works as a park ranger at hart park in orange with his pal Jonny boy “the Fleshman” Fleischmann….you know they are around when you see the jerbal andsquirrel droppings

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