Someone Is Still Living in Harry’s Elegant Yorba Estate!

We leave the tennis court lights on to keep out the riffraff.

Someone ran up a $631.80 utility bill at Harry Sidhu’s “Elegant Yorba Estate” for the billing period ending in March 2010.

That’s strange since he was supposedly living in a rental house on beautiful Lucky Way down near Garden Grove during that time.

Hmm. House guests?

14 Replies to “Someone Is Still Living in Harry’s Elegant Yorba Estate!”

  1. Maybe he’s running a “GROW” that way he can make up for his sparsely attended fund raisers!

  2. What I find interesting is his water usage last year averaged 2666 gallons per day. The national average per per usage is 135 gallons per day, and 72 gallons outdoors per day. At 2666 gallons per day he is consuming DAILY the equivalent of 5.5 average households (of 3 people per house. 3 person household average 477 gallanons per day.) Is he running a clown house over there??? Or does he require fresh pool water each day?

  3. Nonya, don’t forget that it rained fairly consistently through this winter. I finally had to turn my sprinklers on 2 weeks ago. Harry must take long showers.

  4. Private electric bills? Did you steal these out of his mailbox or something? It’s tough to be a carpetbagger.

  5. So when is someone going to report that his children are illegally attending Orange Unified District schools?

    1. And that needs to be addressed at the 4th District Debate Orange County Public Affairs Association (OCPAA) is putting on May 5th at the Pacific Club in Newport Beach.

      It’s a noon luncheon, OCPAA’s number RSVP: Telephone 1-888-246-7424 Or Email:

  6. I am the last person on the planet to defend Harry, but….schools will traditionally allow students to complete the school year after a relocation,so as not to disrupt their education. So it is OK for the kids to still be at their old school. Now if they enroll the kids in the fall when the school is otherwise closed to outside enrollment, that is going to be a problem.

  7. Sorry Rabble, with the economy the way it is, school districts are not allowing the interdistrict transfers they used to. If Anaheim Unified actually had the fortitude for money, they will make his kids transfer.

    However, with the way things are in Anaheim politically, the board members at the district have probably been attending Harry’s holiday hookah parties and have no desire to force the transfer issue.

    1. I agree, school dist are looking to get rid of the kids that aren’t in their district due to the economy.

      This is nothing more then one of his scams. Boy he sure has a lot of them.

  8. Someone with the contacts ought to call Dave Lopez over at channel nine.

    I can see him chasing Harry to “just answer the question Harry regarding the DA complaint against you.”

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