Name That Image!

We got some flak-back from some folks who tried to defend psuedo-journalist Norberto Santana of the union-sponsored Voice of OCEA that has become another sounding board in the Dem-for-Hire – ‘Pug-for-Hire, union promoting echo chamber.

So today we re-run the image of Santana with his financial impresario, union honcho Nick Berardino, in what appears to be the VOC(EA)’s Santa Ana office. And we invite you, our loyal Friends to provide your own captions.

Okay, Friends, it's your turn...

35 Replies to “Name That Image!”

  1. “Good job, Norberto. I know you’re doing a good job. The losers on the 4F blog keep writing about you. Two posts in a row. I like the one poster who calls them bunnycookers. They write like a bunch of boys who got stood up by their prom dates.”

  2. “Norberto, can you believe that Nelson chose the pension option he claims to detest? I can’t wait to read how the 4F bloggers will criticize him for that.”

  3. “We almost have this County completely raped!”

    “Now go out and write about anyone who is ANTI Unions, anyone asking questions or disturbing the status quo until we have all the money”

  4. hire some bloggers quick!!!!

    we are getting our ass kicked because people see right through our ocea funded propaganda website, and i think they are just really tired of our union

  5. Here’s another caption:

    “Wow Norberto, can you believe how easily Nelson played those fools on the 4F for suckers?”

  6. “the non profit status was just a smoke screen to fool the members dammit, this is serious shit Norbert now get to work and nail this blowhard Nelson and everyone he hires before the empire crumbles”

  7. What do you mean I gotta pay for the houndstooth jacket? Buying your clothes wasn’t part of the deal. just your integrity.

  8. “Look you slug, I’m tired of all this slacking. I wanted three anti-Nelson pieces a day. Every day. If you want office furniture you better get going.”

  9. The Unions dont have to worry about Shawn Nelson anymore — they have bought him off. He just voted for the union lucrative Platinum pension plan — directly contradicting his campaign position. Another politician bought and paid for. I will not be voting for the slimey lawyer Nelson this time around.

  10. Well, as a FFFF regular I was fooled by Nelson and tricked into campaigning for him. Believing in a candidate does not make one a fool but one who is fooled. I can make up for it by campaigning for Sidhu, who lies about his residence (a minor flaw) vs Nelso who lies about his important positions. As penance, I will actively campaign for Sidhu who is actually an intelligent Anaheim and for whom I would have voted except for Nelson’s lies about his anti lavish union pensions. I cant believe that slimy lying lawyer! Well, at least he may not benefit from his pension vote if we get him out of office in the Nov election. Thank God for a runoff.

    Other FFFF members who have been tricked can join me. How about you? Would you put up Sidhu signs? Lets not get mad, lets get even.

    Arnold (fooled and angry)

  11. Nelson fooled you? How did he do that? Did he ever promise not take a pension?

    Nelson is not responsible for the creation of the 2.7 @ 55 – that was done in 2004. He was not responsible for the fake pension reform of 1.62 @ 65 and is under no moral obligation to take it. And those are the two choices a County employee is presented with.

    Nelson didn’t lie about anything. If you feel somehow betrayed than I have to respectfully submit that that is a reflection on your own perspicacity.

    If you want to go put up Sidhu signs that’s your privilege. Good luck with that. Oh yeah, that “minor flaw” was perjury.

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