At least he did in the 2004 campaign mailer a Friend forwarded to us. And we faithfully reproduce it below. The basis of Sidhu’s assertions come straight from an Orange County Register article by Marla Jo Fisher from 1995.

As you know we don’t have a lot of respect for old Hide and Seek, but hell, when you’re right, you’re right.

Ye gods! A history of multiple bankruptcies, tax liens, evictions and judgments, unaudited books. And she wants to  be in charge of the County budget? Yikes!

Perhaps the most telling behavior described in the Fisher article is the creation of a new “charity” on the day before the previous one declared bankruptcy. Well, like the dopers say – ya gotta keep the buzz going.

Maybe the cute little teenager routine really works at dodging accountability for dubious behavior. But will it get her elected County Supervisor as a carpetbagger?

All that legal stuff got me a little dizzy...

The Galloway clan seems to be doing alright. Who knew the hopscotching “charity” business payed so well?


  1. B-b-b-b-but — uh, it’s legal to declare bankruptcy! Legal, legal, legal! And because it is 100% legal, anything that Lorri Galloway has ever done is completely beyond question. Let’s not talk about ethical questions — what is ethics, anyway? Is it really fair to impose your ethical framework on another person, especially when that person did something that is completely legal?

    Also, let’s not forget that Lorri drives down East Street every day — at great personal risk to herself! — to work amongst the poor, benighted savages of Central Anaheim. In light of that, I hope that you feel ashamed for even thinking to question her totally legal behavior.

    Also, Lorri looks pretty hot in those red pantsuits.

    Also, did you hear that Shawn Nelson got a speeding ticket once? I hope that you’re just as outraged as I am, and because speeding is not legal, this should totally disqualify him from holding any political office, ever.

    1. Dan, you have a great future as a ass kiss blogger on a lame left wing blog where you can pretend you have an iota of integrity. Go for it.

  2. There’s nothing like manipulating public sympathy for your own gain. If you succeed you’re set for life.

    None of the people that you duped will admit they gave money to a fraud. Just the reverse.

    This is just like the crooked televangelists – except they use abused children as a front. The lowest form of life.

    Anybody surprised she would cook up fake addresses to run for office in a district in which she does not live?

    Galloway should be in jail, not running for office.

    1. I saw Harish Sidhu’s hit-piece on Nelson in today’s mail in the 4th–where Harry Sidhu doesn’t live. The lame mailer is full of lots of info about Shawn Nelson’s job, a Defense Lawyer–that’s all they got. HAHAHA, how weak.

      Not sure Harry could even write this stuff, pretty advanced wording (not sure if anyone has seen Harry speak), but I think he just lets his rag-tag team go on what they perceived is bad. Pretty lame.

  3. uh oh, little danny the polish peashooter is going to be mad…and so will the long beach troll, prevatt the pimp…you are destroying their kiddie empire and casting doubts on their political expertise….and showing them for what they truly are…spin offs of tom the exterminator (yes he really was a pest exterminator before being elected to congress) delay….you are going to end up in one of dannyboy the polish peashooter’s penny ass youtube videos being eaten by bella the mutt…

  4. does this mean that the pinoy princess is nolonger the leading democratic candidate and a stong competitor to nelson??? just thinking out loud

  5. i am certain speaker of the assembly john perez will remember the pinoy princess the next time she asks for an endorsement….read EMBARASSMENT for Wylie Aitken and the OC DemParty

  6. Hey, the county is in such a crisis who better to lead us to the next bankruptcy than someone with significant experience. When it comes to filing bankruptcy Lori has more real world experience than any other candidate in the race. That has to count for something.

  7. Hey the Polish Peasucker has convinced me that Galloway has experience…afterall with most California counties facing extreme hardships, and Orange County having gone thru the bankruptcy process and continuing to work thru its ongoing difficulties, who better to sit on the Board of Supervisors than Galloway with her history of tax liens and bankruptcy filings-she can lead the effort to create a new Orange County just like she did in creating new a non profit shelter as she was bankrupting the existing non-profit—what public monies did these non-profits get and from what public agencies as she bankrupted one and created another???

  8. The Polish Peasucker published the following in the FIBBY OC with Pinty Prevatt the following dialogue this past February 18

    The Polish Peasucker: “Frankly, if carpetbagging is the worst thing you can throw at Galloway, she’s got a strong case to run.”

    Kevin responds “But it’s just the beginning! Again, let’s look at three of the issues where Galloway has really put herself out front as a politician:

    1) SunCal. Lorri Galloway really bent over backwards for the developer SunCal, doing them an incredible number of favors (for reasons that have never been entirely clear) in an effort to move their Resort-area project forward. Time has not been kind to Lorri’s judgement, as SUNCAL PROJECTS ACROSS THE STATE HAVE SINCE GONE INTO BANKRUPTCY, LEAVING CITIES WITH HALF-BUILT LOTS AND CLEANUP BILLS.

    2) Affordable Housing. This is Galloway’s cause célèbre — but what has she actually accomplished here, besides providing a reliable vote to rubber stamp staff-produced reports and approve RDA-engineered projects? Any other chairwarmer in her place could have done the same. Even worse, she’s actively voted against affordable housing in the Platinum Triangle. (And I’m still waiting for someone to provide an example of Galloway advocating for affordable housing in Anaheim Hills.)

    3) UNITE HERE. It’s clear what showing up to Disney hotel workers’ protests has done for Lorri, providing her with a steady stream of photo opportunities and union cash/endorsements, but remind me what Galloway’s involving herself in the process has actually done for the workers themselves?

    Supposedly Galloway knows how to get things done, but when I look behind the rhetoric to try and see what she’s accomplished on her big issues, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of there there.

    As far as Galloway’s representing the people in this district, her actions have made it abundantly clear that if you don’t fit into one of her client groups — affordable-housing recipients, Eli Home clients, union workers — you don’t matter very much to her. Seeing how little she’s done for the groups that she professes to care the most about, how well is she going to represent the rest of us?”

    Now Respected readers, guess who worked for SunCal at the time??? Bingo you win…..Matt “Jerbal” Cunningham.

    The key question here is…since SunCal has had several transactional bankruptcies in various municipalities, did Jerbie cut Galloway in on a piece of the SunCal action given her professional expertise with bankrupticies???

  9. Another quality job by Harry in 2004. I guess he missed this story in the LA Times that cleared her.

    Eli Home Cleared in State Investigation
    Community News FocusJune 23, 1995|GREG HERNANDEZ
    A state investigation into the operation of the Eli Home, a shelter for abused women and their children, has found no evidence of wrongdoing, officials with the state attorney general’s office said Thursday.

    The state’s investigation centered on allegations that operators Michael and Lorri Galloway had distributed Eli Home literature containing false information and had improperly rented their Huntington Beach condominium to their charity. Investigators have not revealed who filed the complaint.

    “We are not going to take any action on the complaint,” said James Cordi, a deputy attorney general in Los Angeles. “We didn’t think that either of the charges had any merit.”

    as always, great job reporting guys

  10. Reporting? We passed on something that somebody else said – The Liberal OC standard of “journalism.”

    However I notice that the article you cite merely addresses two accusations of “wrongdoing” and not the issues of bankruptcies, tax liens, evictions and court judgments that were the focus of the Fisher article. Too bad you can’t whitewash the Galloway history of incompetence (at best).

    You’re going to have to better than that to protect your Precious Princess!

    1. Too many questions! Here, let me distract you with this picture of Lorri Galloway in a group hug with Hillary Clinton, Loretta Sanchez, and Al Franken!

      Did you know that Shawn Nelson got a speeding ticket? That should count for at least a bankruptcy and a lien or two!

  11. When they both get left behind on City Council after Nelson takes the Supe seat, meetings are going to get a lot more heated…Ya know, by voting Nelson, Anaheim is totally taking one for the team by hanging on to those two for another 2 years. On the other hand, it is the price we pay for allowing them to be elected in the first place. Pray for us.

  12. Colony, in Fullerton we’re going to lose our only sane councilmember as he moves on to the county, so I don’t feel too bad for you.

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