Nelson and Sidhu; Divergent Philosophies On Public Employee Unions

Watch this clip. First you’ll hear from 4th District Supervisor candidate Shawn Nelson and then Harry Sidhu. Both talk about public employee unions.

Remember that Sidhu actually lives in an elegant estate in the 3rd District and faked an address at the Calabria Apartments (2230 W. Lincoln Ave. West Anaheim). Even though he never lived there, Sidhu claimed he did under penalty of perjury (twice).

Sidhu has become the darling of the OCEA and OCSD unions, who poured in over 1.3 MILLION dollars into mailers, radio and TV ads telling us the opposite of what we have already seen for ourselves.

9 Replies to “Nelson and Sidhu; Divergent Philosophies On Public Employee Unions”

  1. And Nelson bought a space in a Democratic slate mailer proclaiming himself to be a liberal Democrat! And the mailer you got shows you’re still living with your soon-to-be-ex-wife on Santa Claus Lane….who’s faking?

  2. Often the attempt to change the subject has an affect. In this case, just watch the clip and then defend Sidhu.

    The issue is public employee unions. Harry backs them. You can go on all day about admin’s personal life but at some point is anyone in the Sidhu camp willing to just back Sidhu’s statements?

    I’ll start it off for you. Here goes: “Sidhu is right about public employee unions. They are good for us as tax payers because without them ………………..” You finish the rest where the dots are.

  3. that statement its what doomed the nelson campaign, harry defended their constitutional right to exist, that doesnt come across as fringe liberal to me.

    1. There it is in the words of Harry’s own hack – Harry supports the unions. And the unions support Harry. That’s all I need to know. Harry is getting flushed down the toilet tomorrow night and you know it.

    2. Fringe liberal is not related to a right to speak, the public employee unions have created a very fringe monopoly. Again, the issue is not do they have a right to speak but should public employee unions exist. Public employee unions are not about the right to speak. That is an issue for another post no doubt.

      Just tell us all the good results public employee unions have left the tax payers with please.

    3. I wonder whose constitution Sidhu was thinking of. Certainly not the US Constitution.

      Maybe he should just bring a translator to public events so we won’t have to guess what the f he is chattering about.

  4. Is the question whether public employee unions should exist? I thought it was whether their members should be granted such extravagant benefits.

  5. Nipsey the issues strike me as inseparable. When County public employee unions can spend a million + bucks to pull and persuade a local election, something just ain’t right. The inevitable outcome of a Sidhu victory would be to re-create the situation of 2004 when a craven trio (including Uncle Roly Poly) voted in the spike to OCEA paper-pushers.

  6. Having done more than my share of drinking and loosing arguments, please allow me to translate for Mr. Sidhu. This is a rough translation as I ditched most of my college courses and only speak idiot about 3/4 proficient.

    “I think Mr. Quint is listening so unions are good. I will stand for anything really so long as it pays and Mr. Quint promissed to crush Nelson if I just say what he wants. I offered to sell my soul for 1 million and Mr. Quint said no problem. Have I mentioned unions are good?”

    That’s the best I can do. Mr. Sidhu speaks idiot with an accent so I missed a few words here and there.

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