Zahra’s Past Catching up Quick

Go west young man. Try Arkansas.

The other day FFFF related a story told on the Orange Juice Blog about Fullerton City Councilman Ahmad Zahra having been married to a woman in Arkansas in the late 1990s. It’s always been a blank time in Zahra’s otherwise detailed autobiographies.

The problem is that Zahra has been very clear about being a gay man and “always” knowing it. The unambiguous statements asserting his self-awareness are published in interviews. So how and why did he come to marry a woman?

From beautiful Pulaski County

According to the OJB story, Zahra tells of his arriving in the United States (no mention of what sort of visa he held); and, not knowing a blessed soul, heading to Little Rock, Arkansas where he claims a friend of his father lived. There, says Zahra, he met a woman whom he says he “liked” and who liked him in return. This tepid romance led to a marriage, dissolved a few years later after Zahra had made his way to Los Angeles to learn the movie trade.

The story is so outlandish that it stretches credulity far past the snapping point. The OJB forewent an opportunity to delve farther into the strange tale, but the obvious difficulties emerge with startling clarity.

An immigrant to the United States of America shows up for some reason, not knowing anybody. Is he a tourist? Maybe. But if so he decides to go to Arkansas, of all places – not exactly a well-know tourist destination. Well, there he is in Little Rock. Where does he live? How does he get by? He can’t get a job, at least not legally, so he must have a little something stored up for a rainy day Stateside.

Michelle Salmon

Enter Michelle Salmon, stage right. Somehow our eager young visitor crosses paths with Ms. Salmon. How and where they meet is at the heart of this mystery and is open to some interesting conjecture. Inexplicably the relationship leads to matrimony at the Pulaski County Courthouse where a marriage license is obtained.

Michelle has hooked herself quite a prize catch: a 27 year-old foreigner with no job (legal anyway), no job prospects, and, according to Zahra himself, completely aware of his homosexuality. On the surface he seems like pretty poor husband material for an Arkansas gal, so we have to wonder if poor Michelle was either mentally challenged or perhaps in need of financial assistance.

Zahra makes no mention of his visa status in his story to the OJB, but we have to assume that he received either a work visa or permanent residency status because not long after his connubial union he goes to LA, bravely living in a car on the streets of Hollywood (so he says). His visa would have been helped along by a marriage certificate to a citizen and it’s safe to say he got one that permitted him to stay in the US.

Well, says Zahra cavalierly, the marriage thing didn’t “work out,” what with the husband living in a car in Southern California, and with Michelle deciding to remain in Arkansas “with her family.” Divorce ensued and Ahmad’s new life journey had begun. He became a citizen in the course of time, a fact he shares as if this simple fact absolves him of any impropriety in the acquisition thereof.

Here’s what happened…

Naturally, Zahra tried to paint this ludicrous picture to the OJB as his “coming out” portrait, and invited homophobic and Islamophobic FFFF to “make fun” of the narrative. The old dodge. Homophobia. Islamophobia. Be a victim.

I’m not the least bit interested in making fun of anything relating to Zahra’s gay coming out story – whichever variation he is selling at any given time; except when the story is cooked up to obfuscate what looks like a serious and likely problematic question. To wit: did Ahmad Zahra commit Marriage Fraud to expedite the legal requirements for him to stay in this country?

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  1. I get it. Zahra decided to visit Arkansas to go to the place they dig up diamonds. There he met the luscious Michelle and they liked each other so well they got married.

  2. No there’s nothing to make fun of.

    This creep now has a 5 year plus history of prevarication. It’s typical of the toxic narcissist. The truth is what seems to work best for you at the time.

    The narcissist bullies and preys upon people who don’t hit back, and the gullible who hear what they want to hear.

  3. To answer your question, yes he and his faux wife committed a serious felony. Because Fullerton.

  4. I think it’s time to publish a full recitation of the crap this little miscreant has pulled since appearing out of nowhere.

    1. Yes, I think you’re right. I may just put up a post to let commenters remind each other of the things Zahra has done.

  5. But the government didn’t have any problem with it so the very discussion of his gaining citizenship is . . . uh . . . unethical. Oh, and homophobia. (Gotcha, I’m so clever).

    1. Imagine if there was a system for vetting immigrants to become citizens, with lots of hoops and the decision at the end of it being final. Oh wait, there is, and he was granted citizenship. Unlike you and me who just had to be lucky enough to be born in the right place.

      And then imagine your fellow citizens undermining your status after that process is complete and decided in your favor.

      It is like questioning a jury verdict, a decision to seal records, a decision to expunge, questioning someone’s granted license, etc.

      Yeah, I think that’s wrong.

      If there’s new information that’s different. But all of this would have been known to those actually entitled to make the decision.

      1. There are also a system for vetting potential bank fraud with lots of hoops with the decision being final.

        Until the truth comes out that somebody broke the law in spite of all the supposed hoops.

        Oops! Goddamn you’re a fucking idiot. Your boy got caught (not with his pants down, of course, it was a woman).

      2. Mr. Hogerhus, will you please give Ahmad some money so he can buy clothes he didn’t find at the thrift store?

      3. Complete rubbish. Acts of perjury and fraud incident to any of the public proceedings you list are separate wrongs/offenses. You keep shoveling the same crap. It’s a stupid “opinion” on your part. At a very minimum, any story about an elected or public official seemingly lying -or worse – is fair game for public scrutiny and comment. Get your head outa the clouds!

    1. It was really a comment on the credulity of someone dumb enough to even pretend to believe any of Zahra’s bullshit tales.

      I may post it again tomorrow.

        1. You mean like how Zahra plagiarized OCWD PR flacks with articles to the Fullerton Observer?

  6. What kind of sick puppy marries a woman when he’s knows he’s gay? If she knew, it was immigration fraud. If she didn’t know, he’s a predator.

    1. Yeah, the options aren’t good. She may not have known he was queer but she certainly knew she was a wife for hire.

    1. “Ahmad also is constantly invited to lecture…”

      I don’t know about the invitation part but he sure likes to lecture the rest of us.

      C’mon, Zahra. If your marriage to a woman in Arkansas really is a part of you hitherto “coming out” heroic drama, why haven’t you been telling everybody all about it?

  7. Ahmad owns Bushala and his tribe! Your pride and joy Mayor Dunlap is Ahmad’s lil’ bitch. Ahmad owns him in meetings and getting his great points across. Jung is never at meetings anymore and leaves because he can’t take the pressure Ahmad puts on him. Bruce is a lame duck and useless. Ahmad will finally be Mayor and he wins.

    1. Bernard! Come on. You can’t fool anyone. Be careful with the master little guy. Been caught lyin again. This one’s an doozy and he’s in a state.

          1. With all the sports and UCLA Bruin talk, didn’t think Nick would be a puss for Ahmad. Maybe Ahmad is Nick’s soft spot?

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