Observer Editor Sends Letter to Herself?

Helen Logan of Fullerton sent us the following note regarding a “community opinion” printed in the latest edition of the Fullerton Observer:

Is S.K. of Fullerton actually Sharon Kennedy, who lives with her mother in Fullerton, the author of this letter? If so, then why would she write a letter to herself?

The Fullerton Observer’s letters to the editor policy allows the editor to only identify the author with his or her initials and the city he or she lives in, if there is a good reason for requesting anonymity from the editor, Sharon Kennedy. Why the need for anonymity for the above innocuous letter? Who in Fullerton fears retribution from angered Haitian shop owners or militias?

I sought the answers to my questions in a separate Observer article titled “Haiti Supplies to Survivors & a Brief History”. Only one sentence, replete with syntax and spelling errors, mentioned distribution problems arose and survivors had to wait a few days to get these supplies.

The poor research and writing of the Fullerton Observer’s articles and its lack of journalistic ethics reveals this newspaper to be nothing more than a collection of opinions. This newspaper and its editor lack credibility.

The Fullerton Observer touts itself as Fullerton’s only independent newspaper. I thank those other newspapers that are dependent on investigative reporting from real journalists and their valid editors for giving me insight into the facts.

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  1. Note to self:

    Why does Sharon Kennedy worry so much about other people being taken care of when she seems to struggle to even take care of herself?

  2. S.K., whose initials and residence matches Sharon Kennedy’s initials, and own residence and both coincidently read the Fullerton Observer, rhetorical question fails to persuade because it is formed from ignorance. If S.K. read real newspapers then S.K. would write convincing letters to Sharon Kennedy of Fullerton.

  3. It’s an established fact that the Observer and its ilk are beholden to an idea of the military as being robotic like individuals with no soul. Hence, Kennedy’s note doesn’t surprise me.

    First, watch this: Petraeus on the difficulties of getting aid to Haiti.

    If she’d get her head out of the Berkley Daily Planet, she’d see that teams of medical personnel flew in with supplies, mobile hospitals and equipment. In addition, the Navy has sent and stationed offshore the USNS Comfort, a hospital ship.

    All of the efforts were made doubly difficult because most of the infrastructure was gone. No port to dock in, landing strips almost obliterated. No roads once they were there. No heavy equipment available. Everything had to be flown in.

    Where she is absolutely wrong is in insisting that help didn’t arrive for 5 days. Within 24 hours, the Army medical teams were mobilizing.

    This is from an article on 15 January:
    “The U.S. military has 329 troops on the ground in Haiti, and that number is expected to increase to more than 750 by tomorrow, and almost 1,000 by the week’s end, Fraser reported.

    That’s in addition to more than 2,000 Marines, slated to arrive aboard three ships of an amphibious readiness group, along with heavy-lift helicopters, Jan. 19. The Marines are assigned to the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit at Camp Lejeune, N.C.

    An initial company of about 100 82nd Airborne paratroopers, assigned to Bravo Troop, 1st Squadron, 73rd Cavalry Regiment, at Fort Bragg, N.C., arrived in Haiti today, with the remainder en route, Fraser said.

    They’ll be followed tomorrow by a command and control element from the division’s 2nd Brigade Combat Team and additional 2nd BCT paratroopers. Over the next four days, about 700 additional Soldiers will deploy to support relief efforts, he said.

    Meanwhile, the USS Carl Vinson, an aircraft carrier home-ported in Norfolk, Va., is slated to arrive in Haiti tomorrow, carrying 19 helicopters and 30 pallets of relief goods, Fraser said. The Vinson will provide a critical platform for support for the heavily damaged island, he said.

    And the hospital ship USNS Comfort is being readied in Baltimore, expected to get underway Jan. 16 and arrive in Haiti Jan. 21. Once on station, its crew will be able to provide medical care for up to 1,000 patients in 12 operating rooms.

    The Coast Guard, which maintains a regular presence in the region, has four major cutters – 210 feet and larger and equipped with helicopter decks – to provide lift capability and security, Coast Guard 7th District Commander Rear Adm. Steve Branham reported.

    Two additional Coast Guard cutters are on the way to Haiti, he said, as well as a buoy tender vessel that will provide heavy-lift capability to support the effort.

    Coast Guard fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft also are on site, providing airlift to move supplies into Haiti and to medevac critically injured patients, Branham said.”

    In fact, teams from all the allied nations have sent people. The only one isn’t there are squawkers like Sharon Kennedy. Go figure. Who’s the coward now?

    As far as looting goes, where there is looting there is complete and total chaos and danger. Those small storefronts that had remaining inventory were the backbone of any local economy left. Perhaps Sharon Kennedy, ensconced in her happy little burg of Fullerton, doesn’t remember the looting that occurred after the riots in South Central L.A. You have to protect the businesses.

    The misery in Haiti is the tip of the iceberg for decades of suffering started by the deposed Duvaliers. If she knew her history, she’d know that people in Haiti have been desperate and starving for years. Leadership in Haiti has been sketchy at best. All of this compounds the difficulties in assisting, not only for the US, but for other nations as well. The men and women who are going over there –whether military or private are nothing less than heroic.

    She should be so lucky to have them if anything catastrophic happened here. But I have a feeling she and her ilk would write really hateful, stereotypical things about the military instead.

  4. Divine Miss K, if SK is Sharon Kennedy, faux editor of faux newspaper the Fullerton Observer, you did kick her ass with your excellent presentation of the truth about the disaster called Haiti. Like Sharon Kennedy, S.K. is a fool because she or he loves to whine about economic inequality while living off of welfare and her or his family members.

  5. Sending letters to yourself to publish? Weird.

    Can anyone say “echo chamber.”

    And it is within this hermetically sealed environment, cut off from reality and experience, that the Cult brews up its tasty sweet Kool Aid.

  6. From the rants in the Fullerton Observer since its inception, Ralph Kennedy and now his daughter Sharon Kennedy are mediocre people who frost this shame with paranoid ideation that plays like this; People are so jealous of the Kennedy family that they surreptitiously sabatoge them. Using this thought process allowed Ralph and now his daughter Sharon et al to attack anyone who presents reality to them and to hate anyone who carries authority because their paranoid fear causes them to believe it will be used against them.

  7. The strange part about Sharon Kennedy is that she doesnt fear those with authority at all. She has proven to love the bureaucrats in the city, RINOs, and big government types that want to rule our every penny.

    To those who advocate for limited government and personal responsibility, she has nothing but disdain and fear.

  8. Whether or not Sharon Kennedy is S.K., she made a stupid judgment by not running factual information about the efforts that had been, and continue to be, made.
    Thank you for your comments, everyone.

  9. Lay off the hatorade, people! Jesus! As flawed and imbalanced as the Observer may be at times, we should all count ourselves fortunate that a newspaper exists in our city. And there’s nothing wrong with agenda-oriented journalism. It’s been part of the trade since day one. And anyone who claims Ralph Kennedy was a “mediocre person” needs to be bitch-slapped across their mug with the truth. He cared more about his community than any of the posters on this site who crouch their venomous attacks behind screens of anonyminity or however it’s spelled (much like I am).

    See you in Stater Brothers picking up the next copy of the observer, fellow citizens!!!!!

  10. And, by the way, whether SK is Sharon Kennedy or not, it’s a damn LETTER. It’s an opinion by somebody. And, yes, opinions can be debated, and a couple of posters here did a good job of refuting the letter-writer’s assertion. But had that letter never appeared, then people wouldn’t have examined the facts and re-posted here. So, in that regard, the Observer printing the letter was in the greatest spirit of journalism and a free society: it provoked some dialogue and I wish the people who didn’t like the letter could focus on that and not personal attacks. It’s just weak.

  11. Hey Dipshit Crow,

    “And there’s nothing wrong with agenda-oriented journalism.”

    Well thank you for being master of the obvious. Just as you have the right to defend the old Commies of Fullerton we have the to right pillory them with facts and other confusing logical thought patterns to common for you to comprehend.

    Bitch slapping, is that what you’re into? You intelligentsia commie elitist apologists are known for strange behind closed-door behavior, just normally not so upfront with it.

    Tony, throw this tosser off the site for threatening people. He is a jerbalito hypocrite

  12. such anger, joe crow, are you afraid of being caught by your past? watch your mouth or anulese may drop the dime

  13. Writing letters to yourself is pretty weird even Sharon Kennedy.

    It suggests a leaning towards schizophrenia. I think she needs to stay on her meds full time from now on.

  14. P.S. Crow:

    Flawed – check
    Imbalanced – check
    Agenda-oriented – check

    But seriously trying fob off the argument that Kennedy’s stupid bullshit should be applauded because it stimulated discussion and correction is just about the stupidest thing you bunny cookers have cooked up yet.

  15. joe crow, your threats to bitch-slap anyone who slings mud at your idol, Ralph Kennedy, supports anulese’s
    theory that anyone who confronts Sharon Kennedy or her family members, living or dead, with the fact that they are guilty of being ordinary albeit paranoid people, your response is to physically threaten them.

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