Norby Gets The Treatment

Maidenhood lost.

Over at the Orange Juice Blog, Art Pedroza has posted a fun story about our Assemblyman Norby getting the business from his colleagues on the occasion of his maiden bill reaching the Assembly floor.

The bill was about removing fund raising limits for elected special district members.  The bill passed.

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    1. At least he is not wearing that awful tan double-breasted suit, and worse yet, he wears it unbuttoned, looks like he is wearing his Daddy’s borrowed clothes! This suit looks like it might fit him.

  1. this bill will allow OCTA Board Members to hit up contractors for large sums. Under current law they are limited to $205.00 a year. Is it really a good idea to allow the people who vote on contracts to ask for large political contributions. We don’t need a change in the law. Chris hated the Levine Act while on the board and tried to get OCTA to introduce legislation to change it several years ago to no avail.

  2. Art, I agree with your feelings on the Levine Act, but Mr. Norby’s bill has nothing to do with the OCTA board. The bill only pertains to board members who are directly elected by the voters, and serve on a mixed elected/appointed board. OCTA board members do not fall into this category. Only 39 persons in the entire state will be effected by this bill.

  3. “Only 39 persons in the entire state will be effected by this bill.”

    And this is what Norby spends his time on? Good thing there are no actual problems that need attention.

  4. It is just so refreshing to see the seriousness and sobriety with which our elected officials take their role in our political system. Sort of reminds me of FFF.

    They really do have my best interest in mind……..

  5. The Able Maldonado vote was surprising and disappointing to me.

    It was undoubtedly “shrewd” of Norby to align himself with the sitting (phony) Governor, even if that guy has only six months remaining in office, but with that one “clever” vote Norby really sent me heading to the exits.

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