It’s Coming For You…

The other day the Fullerton Harpoon posted a brief synopsis of Fullerton’s Fiscal Year 24-25 budget, suggesting that the “workshop” to present Fullerton’s dire economic situation was just another step in the process of trying to get the City Council to put a sales tax increase on the November ballot.

Of course Mr. Harpoon is right about this. Not only have we seen this play before, we noticed that the process of collecting manipulated information started last year. Of course it’s still ongoing. But the pro-taxers in City Hall are running out of time for 2024 since some acceptance of tax inevitability will have to be discussed during the budget formalization in June.

After that there’s only about a month until the 2024 ballot cutoff.

To be sure, the tax increase doesn’t have to be on the ballot in the fall. And the reality is that there may not even be the votes to do it. This makes the 2024 District 4 election more important.

She wants what you have.

District 4 candidate and former City parking ticket hander outer, Vivian “Kitty” Jaramillo would no doubt be only too happy to apply a regressive sales tax on her “underserved” constituents, just like Ahmad Zahra was in 2020. If the votes are there a special election in 2025 might be tried.

In any case, our tax dollars would undoubtedly be used to propagandize us about how our quality of life is determined by how many happy public employees we have bumping into each other in City Hall. Even worse we would be scolded about our lack of civic responsibility, etc. etc.

It will never occur to the would-be taxers that a lot of folks in Fullerton don’t feel like having taxes raised as a response to years and years of fiscal imprudence on the part of liberal councilmembers and incompetent city managers.

Our message to our would be overlords in City Hall, the “heart of the City” as Jan Flory called them, is clear.

16 Replies to “It’s Coming For You…”

  1. Perhaps supporters of a tax increase should bypass the council and collect signatures to put a measure on the ballot.

      1. I can’t find anything online upon which to base an opinion of her candidacy. The Instagram link listed by the Observer leads to a private account. Maybe when I know what she’s running on I’ll have an opinion, but I don’t live in the 4th.

  2. SHHHHH-itty Jaramillo was cruel when she worked for the city of Fullerton. She has tried to enter politics for over a decade. Her sticky fingers don’t belong in the decision making process. The thought of getting back-door donations from marijuana pushers may be giving her munchies.

  3. Kitty Cannabis is one of the primary reasons why Fullerton is grossly mismanaged and in sad condition. She will only exacerbate and accelerate the decline and decay.

  4. Can you please preface your next article concerning hurricane Kitty?
    That picture almost made me lose my lunch.

  5. Old ideas from another worn out empleomaniac like stupid Zahra. Except this one is so old she saw Moses in short pants. Gross!

  6. I know people who go to the Fullerton Costco to make big purchases because they save 1/2% -1% on sales tax vs other cities around. That is a 7% gain to Fullerton. That windfall will vanish if a tax increase passes. I bet the City’s “consultant” won’t be allowed to look into that.

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