9 Replies to “Nelson vs Sidhu; Round 3 – WTF?”

  1. Sidhu’s moment of brilliance is at 1:30. I’d like to know what his endorsers say about his performance.

  2. Another pre-prepared statement, and God forbid Sidhu has to answer something not in his talking points.

  3. This is over. Sidhu might send a bunch of attacks and puff mail but it wont help him. This guy is a wreck and no one fails to see this.

  4. The only way it could have been more of a train wreck was if the village idiot, Rose Esoinoza, and the halfwit, Galloway, where invited and would have had to answer those questions.

    I know they are Dems, but to hear those two with the MagicCarpetBagger Siduh respond would have killed everyone in the room with their reverse polish logic (my apologies to the polocks out there).

  5. I know its cute to put the “WTF” text acronym up but seriously, can anyone understand what this guy just said? Is it the sound quality or did it come off like this in person?

  6. Sidhu made absolutely no sense, I listened to what he said three times now and it was a complete ramble of non-words. FFFF your’e right, this guy Sidhu is a total assclown.

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