More Monkey Business at the Clerk-Recorder’s Office? Why did Tom Daly Hire Bruce Matthias?

A creator of jobs. Sidhu, are you paying attention?

While many County departments have to endure furloughs and layoffs big spender of our dough Tom Daly seems to be going in the opposite direction.  I learned that he has just recently showed off his newly minted Executive Aide  – Bruce Matthias, to his staff.

This new hire has to be costing tax payers a bundle. But most disturbing is that Matthias was recently released by the County’s Executive Office from his job as head of the County’s legislative affairs unit – a sort of in-house government lobbyist.  Since Daly hired Mr. Matthias as an “at-will-employee,” he didn’t have to go through any sort of competitive hiring process to bring on board someone who was recently cut loose by the County CEO – in other words, pure cronyism. So what does Matthias know about running anything, let alone a Clerk/Recorder’s office? Just looks like typical jobs for the boys featherbedding corruption to me.

Tellingly, this recent addition to Team Daly used to be Chief of Staff to Assemblyman John Lewis during his first three years in office. Hey, wait! Isn’t the John Lewis Machine running Daly’s campaign? Hmm.

Hey, this guy's got a mortgage.

Maybe Daly is returning a favor.  Clearly the Matthias family is pals with Daly. Matthias’ wife Sonja Matthias contributed to Daly’s now abandoned campaign for Supervisor 2010. Or maybe Daly’s doing the favor for Lewis. Who knows?

All I know is that it is very depressing although not really surprising to see more and more so-called conservative Republicans finding ways to profit off of County government.

As for Daly, this blatant cronyism in a time of recession is just par for the course. Remember the $48,000 doled out to a political contributor to “study” a sports hall of fame? And the $1700 a month retainer to a Sacramento government consulting business? Or the $2.1 million flushed on the tear-down building on Civic Center?

We could hope that Matthias has been brought on board to end this cycle of Daly disasters, but what particular skill set he brings to solve any of his new bosses managerial shortcomings is unknown.

Wake up Orange County! We need to get rid of this free spending, incompetent career politician and return the Clerk-Recorder’s Office to a professional operation instead of what it has become – an unaccountable sinkhole of waste.

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  1. Daly has been hiring the relatives and friends of connected political types for years. What’s really amazing is that with all the recent revelations out of his office Daly keeps doing bad stuff. He must really believe he’s untouchable.

    Matthias is an old Republican PR guy. He has zero technical or professional knowledge. This is just pure cronyism.

    But don’t expect the MSM to ask about it!

  2. According to a campaign bio Matthias used to work for the racetrack at Santa Anita. That gambling experience may be useful in Daly’s office!

  3. This is terrible news for the County. County employees are getting layoff and doing furloughs and this idiot is hiring hiring his friend. This is bullshit and the BOARD OF SUPERVISORS should do something about this.

    I thought there was a freezed in the County.

    How can the county afford to add $100,000 dollars salary to the County budget?

    We need to audit this department immediately.

  4. Shame on CEO Mauk and all the Board of Supervisors. I don’t give a damm if he is elected or not. Tom daly continues to spend taxpayers money. He was be held accountable for his actions. We have heard he has alot of friends working at the Clerk Recorder. This is so wrong.

    We need to fired TOM DALY!!!!

  5. We should do a public information request on Matthias’s salary. I want to know what the tally of waste if going to be after the county pays for this reject’s salary. I don’t get this? Can a person who failed probation get a job right after he he got let go by the county? Is there a waiting period? There should be a conflict of interests inquiry here. Anyone who can help here, your help will be greatly appreciated.

    1. As an elected Daly can hire anyone for the appointment positions he has. The BOS nor Mauk have no ability to stop him. Daly lives off of his Fund 12D, about $20,000,000 in that fund, of which Daly draws from to use as he wishes – pay Barbre, Lewis, Cunningham, buy one FUBAR’d building… get the idea.

      Mathias was in the Legislative Office of the CEO. He ran afoul of the Bill Campbell and paid for it.

        1. Hugh Nguyen, candidate for CR, can explain the Fund and how it is was used by Granville and contrast it with Daly’s uses/abuses

  6. I don’t know why Tom Daly walks around introducing people to us. The moron doesn’t even know most of our names. If he doesn’t know your name he says “Hey Guy” with a stupid looking stare on his face. But i tell you, he could find his way in the dark to Ana’s cubicle. Tom just know that you are too old for Ana and that she is nice to you because she doesn’t want to lose her job. Your lowly elected position doesn’t impress her. Now maybe if you were a County Supervisor or a senator. But that’s not going to happen anytime soon if ever. Ha! Ha! Ha!

  7. Tom Daly time is up. We need to pass the words around and vote this guys out of office.

    I’m tired of career politician.

    But on the other hand I need a job and if Tom Daly gives me a job I might vote for him.

    No experience neccessary!

  8. This hiring is nothing new to the Daly political machine (which isnt saying much after watching his Supervisor Campaign crash and burn). But just look at all the other friends, and cronies he has hired. all of whom have limited skills for the positions they were hired in. here is an abreviated list.

    Christina Aguilar – the first cousin of the Assistant Clerk Recorder (Renee Aguilar-Ramirez) and is under her chain of command.

    Dulce Cuevas – Her husband works for the city of Anaheim and is a personal friend of Mr. Daly. This person can barely speak English and may be an illegal alien. Renee Ramirez approached staff when this person was being hired and asked “do you know how to hire and illegal alien?”

    Ashley Liberio – the daughter of James Lierio who owns a real estate company and is personal friend of Mr. Daly and contributed to Daly’s campaign. . Brought in while full-time employees were being laid off.

    Jennifer Lowe – Brought in by Mr. Daly. Jennifer is the wife of Chris Lowe who was the former Government Affairs Manager at City of Anaheim and friend of Tom Daly. He now works for Disney who contributed to Daly’s campaign.

    Richard Mendez – is a family friend (or possible family member) of the Assistant Clerk Recorder (Renee Ramirez). after a short time he was made a supervisor over many other employees with more education, experience, and knowledge of the work.

    Steve Oftelie – son of Stan Oftelie who is another Daly political supporter and friend.

    Jean Pasco – former Times reporter and friend/supporter of Mr. Daly.

    Jeff Smith –another personal friend of Mr. Daly who was brought in while other full-time County employees were being laid off. What is his experience? He was a bartender (he must serve a mean beer).

    Mikki Tiberghien – a personal friend of Mrs. Daly who was brought in by Mr. Daly.

    This is just an abrevieated list that someone should look into since the County ignors these practices. Someone should also look into how these people are promoted over more experienced and educated employees.

  9. The taxpayers in Orange County demand that the Board of Supervisors, CEO and HR investigate/audit the Clerk-Recorder department.

    Even though Tom Daly is elected he has no fight to break the law.

    Tom Daly is a fraud and the District Attorney investigate Tom Daly.

  10. Can we please vote Tom Daly out of office. He is abusing the County rules and everyone is afraid to point it out to him.

    Tom Daly must be accountable for his actions.

  11. Clerk Recorder insider,

    I will help you to add:

    Bruce Matthias – BruceMatthias wife, Sonja Matthias, contributed to Daly’s epic fail of a campaign for Supervisor 2010.

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