Back to The Bat Cave!

Biff. Zap. Wham. Take that Roland!

When I was just a young Peabody there was a show on TV called “Batman.” It was campy and stupid and highly entertaining.

One thing I never quite understood, though, was how come nobody ever followed the Batmobile back to the Bat Cave – you know, just to find out who Batman really was.

Holy Tainted Shrimp, Batman, how'd they find us?

Fortunately, at least one Friend in Fullerton showed more curiosity and initiative than any of the incredibly stupid denizens of Gotham City.

A couple of days ago we reported The Case of the Missing No McKinley Signs, a case that we predicted would be a real brain teaser for Fullerton’s versions of Chief O’Hara and Commissioner Gordon. Remember the little man and his white van? Click on the image below and check out the license plate.

We told you to hide your tags, genius...

Well, now observe the image below, captured outside Roland Chi’s AR Market in Garden Grove, where all those people got food poisoning and behind which they barfed their guts out; and where Roland Chi ignored all those inspection failure notices and was finally rung up by the DA. Here’s some of their impressive fleet of rolling stock. Click on this picture, and note the license plate number on the van.

Meanwhile back at Stately Wayne Manor...

Yes, folks, we have a match!

And yes, FPD, you can go ahead and take the credit for the bust. This one’s on FFFF! Will you be wanting a receipt?

24 Replies to “Back to The Bat Cave!”

  1. The food poisoning, the sign theft, the out-of-town donations…. they all trace back to that damned supermarket. No wonder he left Garden Grove.

    1. You said it sucky Joe. Racism it is….at least here. White male friends of Tony’s have nothing to fear. Right Sucky Joe?

  2. Sweeping this one under the rug is going to be quite difficult. Let’s hope Sellers holds his guys to the task.

    1. BS they called Roland Chi a thief because someone using a van possibly belonging to his family removed signs. It is not Roland Chi and they have no supporting facts to accuse him but they do. I would hire a good attorney. Yet you have a white attorney friend who advertises to defend predators and secretly owned bars (kinda) in DT Fullerton but he is left alone because of friendship. You have a white friend who is an assemblyman……..nevermind way too much on him but he was left alone. The only people they attack are Women, Asiana or Indians. Desperate acts on Tony’s part to get a TOY into council. Why do you think he does this by investing time and $$$$? What’s in it for him? Can’t be out of the goodness of his heart. I think racist tones. GO HORNETS

      1. Possibly belonging to his family?


        Yes, let’s have Roland sue us. Great idea. Let’s get Roland on the witness stand!

        BTW, what’s your beef with white people?

        1. My friend Tony, I have no beef with white people and you know it. I’m closer to you than you think. I have a problem with how things are going and that’s why I’m here. The facts are that Roland Chi is not a thief but some other asian man is. Roland Chi isn’t taking YOUR SIGNS Tony some other guy is. To call Roland Chi a thief is wrong and if any of your puppet toys had balls they would tell youthat directly. Alas you’re their sugar daddy and bank roll so they won’t. Good luck with that case.
          Keep spending your money and allowing your friends to hang with you. why do you invest so much time and money into these elections???$$$$$???$$$ I won’t log on again until later this evening since I’m spending the day with my family. You should try that.

          1. Mother Goose/Puppet,

            The guy was driving Roland Chi’s van and using to commit a crime. And Chi knew nothing about it. I know you’re pretty effing stupid, but, really that’s just too much.

            If Chi doesn’t like it he can sue us for libel. Will he fight to save his good name?

  3. Roland wants to ( as stated in more than one candidate forum) travel the world to make more sister cities for Fullerton so they will come here and set up new businesses..yeah..that will work.. and in the meantime Mr Chi will be leaving his wife, child and 6 month old home to fend for themselves. Talk about someone who needs to spend time with his family, I think you need to teach Chi how to be a father and spend time with his family instead of wanting to leave them alone while he plays big shot in foreign countries. Shades of Julie Sa if I ever did hear of it! Another thing Chi has been saying at the forums is that he is for Redevelopment..which basically means he is anti personal property rights. Coyote Hills is not Fullertons property it is Chevrons property. People need to read between the lines of the not so wise Chi and his pipe dreams. Ex: I will be creating 100 jobs in Fullerton, yep..and those jobs will probably go to some of the people who work for his company in Garden Grove..doncha think?

  4. i usually disagree with the opinions on this site, but in this instance they are dead on. The van clearly is affliated with Chis’ market. If he doesnt know this stuff is going on then he is grossly incompentent(I already think he is). And yes, this site does have some racist tones, but I do not feel thats the motivation here.

    1. I can’t speak for any others here, but I’m clean!

      And I’m also not running to represent the public interest. So what ever your point was, I missed it.

  5. I dont know anything about Chi or fullerton politics. (I live in Anaheim) but Chi people put a big banner covering an old Ralphs sign on Brookhurst and Orangestorpe. Probably illegal. They needed a crane or something to get up there.

    1. Chi’s “family” bought the shopping center on Brookhurst and Orangethorpe, so he can hang whatever he wants there (including his head in shame, if he had any). On the other hand, I wonder about the Chi signs and banners in front of churches…

  6. yeahright, I have a criminal record.

    Last year I committed 93 sequential health violations, food poisoned a dozen people, and then let someone use my van to steal private property to suppress free speech.

    Oh wait, that was Roland Chi.

  7. Has anyone ever gone into the grocery store? It’s more like a 3rd world nightmare than anything else!

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