My New Vocation

CHRIS THOMPSON - 16,368 votes

Just when I thought it would be a good idea for me to hang it up from Fullerton politics, this sign showed up in and around Fullerton.

Good grief! Someone really took the time to make and plant these comical things. And that got me to re-thinking my role in Fullerton. Geez, thinks I, if these people believe I’m so powerful that they are willing to give me this sort of free publicity, maybe I should leverage that celebrity in the future.

And so I have decided that I must and will stay involved. There’s too much at stake and my gang and I are having too much fun. I guess it’s a calling!

Oh, and just a reminder: Chris Thompson was the #1 top vote getter in all Fullerton races including city council.

15 Replies to “My New Vocation”

  1. After two years of kicking ass on the FSD Board of Trustees, I look forward to Thompson being elected to the Fullerton City Council.

    Then watch the fireworks!

  2. I hope in two years the city council has three conservatives, If Chris is there that would be great however we need him on the school board.

    1. Heehaw will be out and Royce will no doubt be pimping another RINO turd – unless he gets wise and sticks with Thompson.

      With Nelson and Norby’s backing it could be a safe bet.

      In 2012 that idiot Sugarman will be up and hopefully out. We need a couple of replacements, stat!

      1. Here’s a prediction for you: Keller will be out of Collaborating AND off the FSD payroll by 2012.

        Anybody envision a Keller for school board candidacy?

    2. A lot of voters will be pissed if Thompson shrugs his elected responsibility to serve the school district and leaves before his term is complete. He needs to give it 4 years and then he can replace Q. Ball Jr.

  3. Chris can be the odd man out if he must, but there may be allies on the board–and even among teachers. They don’t like top-heavy overpaid administrators, either!

    Remember: “Those that can’t do, teach;
    Those that can’t teach, administer!”

    (…or is it administrate”?)

  4. For Thompson to be a Bushala puppet would entail that 100% of the stuff that comes out of his mouth would be 100% more intelligent. Believe me, he’s not that smart. He got by because he played lovey lovey with the Beechwood crowd and they vote. This doesn’t make him a genius or Bushala’s puppet, just the guy who got the most votes.

    1. Who knew there were 16,368 voters in “the Beechwood crowd.” That’s something I’ve got to see for myself!

    2. That sounds like it must be an awfully influential school. Who knew all it took to be a school board member in Fullerton was to get one school’s parents to vote for you?

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