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  1. “Backup”

    But my favorite has always been the numerous instances where I would observe two and THREE Fullerton Police cars pulled over to the curb for an hour “interrogating” some little junior college girl sitting a convertible car.

    These “incidents” would invariably occur at 5:00PM which I assumed was the end of the “day shift” so that the boys in blue could clock in for “overtime” pay.

    How else do they pack in a bunch of overtime pay to set up a pension spike, when you work for such a featherbedded operation which has over 250 employees to do the work of perhaps 100 ?

  2. Charlie didn’t read the paragraph above the image that read, “Provide your own caption to this picture snapped in a Newport Beach commercial center.

    Oh well.

  3. “Firetrucks line the Main St. in the [email protected] Public Employee Union California Parade!, Chief of Fullerton Fire Dept. was overheard saying, ‘It’s real nice to give us over time for this parade.'”

  4. Fire responses to medical aid to assist Big Bad Tony who is injured after getting his ass kicked by an 80-year-old Asian man.

    Paramedics attempt to remove brick veneer from Tony’s head.

  5. Someone choked on a piece of cheesecake at Fashion Island. Thank god for all these selfless heroes of the NBFD. How on earth did we all survived before them is a mystery to all.

  6. “Cop’s and Firemen, the group with the two biggest EGO’s you’ll ever meet”

    This is why the “public safety” publishing business is $35,000,000. in the USA.

    They all want they’re tee-shirts and the wives want the stickers on thier SUV’s.

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