Moorlach Orders Investigation Into Daly’s $10 Million Nightmare

Was it fraud, negligence, incompetence or just an honest to goodness mistake when Tom Daly approached the Board of Supervisors and asked for $2.1 million to purchase a dilapidated building 433 W. Civic Center Drive?

Did Daly forget to tell the Supes that the building was a tear down and not in turnkey condition? Or did he actually believe that the building was ready to move into?  If he did then he needs to fire his real estate agent! There are many hard questions that remain to be asked and answered.

At Tuesday’s board meeting, Supervisor John Moorlach asked County CEO Tom Mauk to bring back a report detailing what happened to the missing information on the useless multi-million dollar building.  Was it lost or intentionally withheld? Did Tom Daly just forget to tell the Board the complete facts about the money-sucking building, knowing that they would have said “HELL NO!” when they found out that it would cost another $7.6 million to make it suitable for the archives and the Orange County Sports Hall of Fame?

Let’s not forget the Sports Hall of Fame was being “brainstormed” by Daly’s BFF Brett Barbre to the tune of another $48,000.

So back to the word “fraud.” What does it mean and how is it really pronounced?



1. deceit, trickery, sharp practice, or breach of confidence, perpetrated for profit or to gain some unfair or dishonest advantage.

433 W. Civic Center Dr. 2 years later, still vacant

19 Replies to “Moorlach Orders Investigation Into Daly’s $10 Million Nightmare”

  1. Awesome! Can’t wait to hear Mauk’s “report.”

    However we never “attacked” Moorlach! We simply asked him to supervise!

  2. A vetting process after the fact. Ok, that sounds like government as usual. Might as well have been snake oil…

  3. Another investigation… FFFF has been getting plenty of traction these days. It would be smart to stay out of the way.

  4. Why is Moorlach asking Mauk to report? Mauk is the jackoff who recommended purchase in the first place. Apparently Moorlach has forgotten that there is an independent auditor. And a grand Jury!

  5. Of course Daly left pertinent information out. I don’t doubt that his henchman and slime ball soon to be unemployed Chief of Staff in the 4th District Office Phillip Tsunoda helped him hide the facts from Former Supervisor Chris Norby and Moorlach. It is well known that Tsunoda didn’t like Mario Mainero and vice-versa. So I’m sure Tsunoda didn’t give all the facts to Moorlach’s staff. I also found out that Tsunoda sat on the Sports Hall of Fame Board so he had a vested interest.

    Mr. Mauk look into this Tsunoda guy as part of the cover-up. I know these two goof balls have bought property in the past and should know what to look for.

    Who in the right mind would evaluate a building after the sale? This is what happens everytime Daly uses the people’s money. I’m sure if he was footing the bill he would have had a complete appraisal before the purchase of this nightmare on civic center drive.

  6. I can see it now:
    Mauk “investigates”. Moorlach asks T-Rack to “investigate” too but T-Rack just uses whatever info Mauk gives him. Then T-Rack, in the interest of conducting an impartial and non-partisan investigation, asks the attorney general to “review” the T-Rack “investigation”. AG comes back and says “OKIDOKI. T-Rack did a thorough investigation.” And there it dies…

  7. WTF, Bruce Whitaker used to work with that turd Tsunoda and he’s well known to this blog.

    I wonder what he’s got to say about it? Or was he too busy telling his boss to vote for Maldonado (twice)?

    1. #8, both Norby and Moorlach got some splainin’ to do. So does Nguyen. Supervisors have full time staff whose job it is to help them supervise not just buy into the BS that’s shoveled their way.

      Some of their helpers are okay, and some are just dim-witted political appointments as a favor to friends, etc. It could be that Eric Norby (who just loved staff to death) okayed this purchase.

      I will give Moorlach credit for opening up this issue in public. He’s got no competition for re-election and could have just let it go.

  8. Hey Sherman. The point is Tsunoda used to work for Daly before he sent him to work for Norby. They were going to play musical chairs with their positions. Daly has long strings leading to Tsunoda. So what Daly wants Tsunoda does because he is his puppet.

    Both have no sense of ethics. Remember Bruce is just an executive aide. Tsunoda is the Chief of Staff so everything has to get approved by Tsunoda before going to Norby’s desk. The supervisor is as good as his Chief of Staff.

    By the way, Thank you Mr. Duval for opening the doors to higher office for Chris Norby. He will be a better assemblyman than Clerk-Recorder and Daly will always manage to mess up anything he touches. I believe he has seen his best days as a career polititian. After dropping out of the Supervisor race it is downhill for him now.

  9. Humpty Daly sat on a wall,
    Humpty Daly took a great fall,
    All Lewis’s Horses, and
    All Cunningham’s men,
    Couldn’t put Daly together again.

    Bravo FFFF!

  10. Who cares if Moorlach felt “attacked” … apparently it was the only way to get his ass in gear. That’s good to know, actually.

  11. Has Daly any momentum on his June re-election?

    Did he hire Fat Boy Lewis, et al, to shill for him at Red County again??? Even though he is a Dem and they are Republicans?

    I hear from friends in the Clerk’s office that Tom isn’t even around the office at all….

  12. I think one of Daly’s guys received money from the County for some “contract” and then Daly’s guy “contracted” someone at Pacific-Strategies…

    Follow the money!

  13. As posted at OJ:

    The people of Orange County have the FFFF for exposing this waste. Without your tenacity, this would have slipped through the cracks.

    God knows how much of this stuff is out there.

    Thank You. you guys should get an award.

    Meanwhile, other bloggers arre collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars for thier shilling.

  14. thanks, FFFF for exposing our public servants unethical, illegal behavior. Finally, Fullertonites have an authentic source of information about the politicians who get rich off of our tax dollars.

  15. Every once in a while FFFF even points out the politicians who do the right thing with our tax dollars.

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