Mistakes Were Made: FPD Locks Up the Wrong Kid for 5 Months

Justice requires both integrity and diligence, but sometimes that’s just too much to expect. And it goes without saying that nobody deserves to be thrown in jail for a crime they did not commit.

It doesn’t always work out that way. According to a Register story pointed out by some of our favorite commenters, this kid just spent five months in jail awaiting trial after the Fullerton police set him up on charges of armed robbery, even though the victim clearly identified someone else!

Luckily for him, the botched line-up was captured on an audio recording which his attorney later reviewed, causing the DA to drop the charges.

So critical evidence, namely the victim’s actual testimony, was completely ignored by Fullerton’s finest. Laziness? Incompetence? Malice? We’ll never know. But when the justice system is subverted, everybody loses.

The sad narrative includes a priceless comment from FPD/FPOA spokesman Andrew Goodrich: “Mistakes are made sometimes.”

No need to apologize.

Whew! Responsibility averted. All in a day’s work.

It’s a good thing we don’t give criminals that kind of leeway.

37 Replies to “Mistakes Were Made: FPD Locks Up the Wrong Kid for 5 Months”

  1. As a Taxpayer my response is this: “Mistakes are made sometimes when we overpaid these cops and respectfully demand a refund.”


    Perhaps, we should contract police services to the OCSD. Then, it will reduce Fullerton’s overhead costs, pensions and overtime by saving taxpayers money. Also, The County can either lease or buy the Police Station.

  2. The kid should get $1m.

    Five months in county for a conspiracy.

    I read elsewhere that the DA’s crony’s are working overtime in front of the coming report of Brea PD killing the UNARMED Yorba Linda kid.

  3. dkmfan,

    If the facts don’t come to bear soon on that Yorba Linda case…..it’s going to get interesting. There is a possibility that Brea loses the YL contract! (Most of the PD money should go to the family who lost their son, if the facts bear out the way it looks now.)

    That will be an interesting one to watch.

  4. Love that good old passive voice. “Mistakes are made.” It’s even too much for people to say “someone made mistakes.”

    Bastard spawns of .. not Orwell. Goebbels.

    1. Right you are, Vern. The passive voice is the staple of the non-accountable inside government and out.

      Let’s get the names of those sphincter-orifice cops who deliberately fingered the wrong kid and then let him sit in jail. The let’s fire the SOBs.

      Of darn! There’s that pesky “Peace Officer’s Bill of Rights.”

      1. I like the idea of sticking that slug Goodrich in Theo Lacy for five months with the rest of the creeps.

        That would be an excellent attitude adjuster for Mr. Mistakes Were Made.

  5. i overheard shawn nelson say “wow i thought they were all guilty, i know ive never defended an innocent person before.”

  6. exactly, no big surprise, i overheard shawn nelson making an ambigiously racist statment, aint’ like that’s the first time it happened.

    1. How do you sleep? Shawn Nelson is defensive attorney, last time I checked everyone is innocent until proven guilty, especially this kid.

  7. This is outrageous and Mr. Goodrich owes us a better explanation than that. You don’t accidentally arrest the guy in the middle when a witness says “the guy on the left”. Where is the chief of police on this?

    Back the badge my ass. These guys are as bad as the street hoods they arrest.

  8. Im gonna look past the grammatical errors, and ask how Shawn Nelson sleeps at night, knowing all the horrible people he’s fought for, all just for some money. That would keep me up at night.

    1. The only thing that would keep you up at night is having one of Hairball Sidhu’s appendages in your mouth. The only offense on this blog is willful irrelevance. Don’t push it.

      1. Naw, Joe, we don’t ban Sidhu followers, no matter how irrelevant they are. This zero’s only accomplishment in life has been to support a carpetbagging assclown. We won’t deny him that dubious honor. And he will only resent us more for it.

        His continued presence here will serve to remind Fullerton what a useless tool Sidhu is.

    2. compton the wonderful thing about this country is it was founded by law breakers, because of this those accused of breaking the law have rights and are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. As long as there are people like you who judge people before a conviction has taken place we will never truly be free. I stand with patriots like Shawn Nelson, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and others, who value the constitution and a jury of our peers.

      This kid is innocent and people like you and the Fullerton Police Dept. need to seriously change the way business is done or move on to a new career.

  9. Challenge to FPD/FPOA spokesman Andrew Goodrich…go to jail…go directly to jail..do not pass Go do not collect the $130 K per year as “spokesman”…for the Fullerton Police Department.

    Lets look at the obvious and very real problems:

    1. Young boy put in jail for 5 months, besides being embarrassed, harrassed, and most likely raped on a daily basis by his “cellmate” he lost 5 months of his life.
    2. We pay Goodrich for “what”?
    3. Not to mention the person or people who “made the mistake” what is their punishment? NONE! We don’t even get their names.. Wake up Fullerton Voters…do you think that Bankhead and McKinley will change this?
    4. I am sure that the “City” will be shelling out some hard cash for this “mistake” …that means you and me…so take out your wallets and “open wide”

  10. that being said “patriots” like shawn nelson and other scumbag defense lawyers dont defend these people in the name of justice, they do it purely for money. If you really believe that Nelson thinks everyone of his clients is innocent of wrong doing, then you and shawn are both very ignorant, but then again maybe your right, wasnt nelson “ignorant” when it came to his pension?

    1. #29 your fascination with Shawn nelson is really starting to come across as, you know, really weird.

      I suggest you invest in therapy or a blow-up doll.

    2. I think what compton is trying to say, although struggling, is that it is Shawn Nelson’s fault this kid was wrongly arrested and placed in jail for 5 months. Without Shawn Nelson around Goodrich would have freed the innocent lad the same day he was arrested. Shawn Nelson is to blame for the tape that clearly exonerated this guy. The Fullerton PD did all they could do. Shawn Nelson clouded any judgement the police may have exersized.

      If Sidhu had been elected none of this would have happened.

  11. I’ve heard Shawn Nelson speak in private and it’s not pretty. He uses as many swear words as the thug on the street. Given his past behavior with the Lemon Street mural toward the neighborhood, I don’t think he gives a shit about justice where Mexicans are involved. If he wants to blame being too busy with too many things, we’ll leave him a choice to either quit his job or get out of politics.

  12. People please! Who gives a shit if a politician uses four letter words. What should be done about this kid and what happened to him?

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