Chaffee’s Choke Cost Him The Election

A lot of people in Fullerton are wondering why council candidate Doug Chaffee permited himself to be a GOP establishment punching bag.  Did his natural inclinations lead him to avoid attacking the out-of-control public employee pension mess as embodied in his two GOP and union backed adversaries? Probably.

If so, it cost him the election.

When he finally reached down and grabbed hold of his huevos he produced this devastating comparison piece between himself and his “public safety” union-backed opponents.

Although effective, it was too little, too late. By the time it came out absentee voting was well underway. The oblique admonition to “bullet vote” was already an effort in vain.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

12 Replies to “Chaffee’s Choke Cost Him The Election”

  1. Doug worked so hard, only to be brought down by some garden variey Republican hit pieces pushing the 2 ex-cops.

    Especially ironic in that Bankhead voted for every one of those subsidized housing projects that Chaffee was being hit for. And Doug just took it. Like you say, he kept his powder dry too long.

  2. I don’t remember anyone affiliated with this site ever, even grudgingly, admit that Chaffee would be preferable to McPension and that he was actually a contender. FFFF/admin isn’t shy about throwing weight around so, I don’t know, ya think it cold have drummed up seventy-odd votes with little or no expense or effort?

    I donated and volunteered to campaigns for people I didn’t completely buy into simply because their opponents were much, much worse. Take Norby’s campaign against Cynthia Coad. I was never a fan of his but Jesus, that was an easy call.

    Anyway it’s easy for you or me to do this posthumous quarterbacking, and I don’t think Chaffee is exactly Teddy Roosevelt, but on balance I’d have been a bit relieved had DC won instead of having four years with not one but two pension gobbling FPOA coddling jackholes.

    1. Nipsey, you are right in that we didn’t promote Chaffee as a contender. We basically liked Sebourn and Levinson better. I’m not into publicly backing the lesser of two evils, either.

      Going after McPension was an easy call. I guess we could have done it harder and earlier especially for the PAVs.

      And of course I got hornswoggled by the ‘pugs. Which will be the topic of another post real soon.

  3. “The pension system is busted”?

    Good Lord, what appalling grammar. This is supposed to be the “Education Community.”

  4. FFFF can’t do everything. You can lead a horse to water…

    Doug probably worked harder than any candidate in the race to get to know his prospective constituents, but at some point you have to be bold about why you are needed on the council. If a candidate doesn’t fight for himself, will he fight for us?

  5. I question the motives, intelligence and ego of a guy who runs for city council 3 times, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars while losing every time.

    Hit the showers Chaffee, and next time spend that money on someone else who can actually win against a severely split Rep vote (but no more PK clones, please.)

  6. I think Chaffee would have done a fine job for Fullerton.
    I think he ran so many times because he cares about town.
    I just wish the old Fullerton Observer would do the smart thing and start supporting candidates that one might think they would… It seems to be the RINO support Twilight Zone every election over there…?

  7. I wonder if Chaffee is relieved or angered that he is not currently sitting on the City Council as it takes all the heat.

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