Martha Montelongo on the Air Live with Jack Dean

Join Martha Montelonga live and her guest Fullerton Tax Fighter Jack Dean of Pension Tsunami, tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 10:00A.M. to noon on Outlook with Martha, possibly the name for her new show, on CRN Digital Talk Radio on the story about the $800,000.00 annual salary for the City Manager of the City of Bell, CA.   Could this be the story that breaks the public employee compensation and pension abuse of the public trust and budgets?   Will it be the match that lights a fire under the taxpayers, to cause a productive and revolutionary revolt?

If Bell City Manager retires now, he stands to reap over $30 million dollars in retirement funds.  He’s not the only one with outrageous pensions.   He’s just the worst case by far, but we’ll look at the more common, and yet still, very unjust overcompensation awarded to various officials and ex-officials, all on the dime of the taxpayer, who is on the hook to pay, no matter what.

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