Roland Chi: The Day The DA Took My DNA

Last week you saw some grim pictures taken by a health inspector while the Chi clan was being rounded up for prosecution, which was instigated by a bunch of folks getting food poisoning after eating food from a supermarket in Garden Grove. At the time, Roland’s plea deal was an unknown, forcing us to speculate on how he managed to wriggle out of the criminal charges levied against him.

But now we know the whole story.

A businessman knows how to close.

In April Roland had struck a deal with the District Attorney that would allow him to escape the 5 counts against him, which added up to a frightening maximum sentence of 2.5 years in jail plus fines.

According to the barely-legible excerpt below, the charges against him were dropped because his co-owners pled guilty and Roland Chi agreed to provide a DNA sample for Rackackaus’ infamous DNA database.

The Orange County DNA database allows the District Attorney to keep track of the defendantly-inclined population by exchanging dropped charges for a personal specimen that could later be used to identify the suspect in the event of any future incidents.

Just think of it as a small donation.

Of course, the whole thing is pretty embarrassing for a candidate who keeps trying to cast his “business experience” as a positive for Fullerton voters. Heck, as far as I can tell, the only business Chi’s ever been involved with almost got him thrown in jail for criminal neglect, and then left a little part of him locked up in a vial somewhere, just in case he does it again. Chi must think the bar in Fullerton is really, really low.

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  1. This is getting embarrassing. A cheek swab (or other sample) for Roland to get him off the hook. Then a few months later the DA endorses him!

    Ay Caramba!

  2. I had to give one of those for my marijuana possesion ticket, in order to get the case dismissed of course, interestingly it also cost me 75 dollars, what a country we live in. GO PROP 19!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. “Heck, as far as I can tell, the only business Chi’s ever been involved with almost got him thrown in jail for criminal neglect, and then left a little part of him locked up in a vial somewhere, just in case he does it again.”

    Prosaic genius, brother. Move over Dickens.

  4. You know yesterday if you’ll watched the forum he did better than anyone in there. Hope he cleans up his act and keep his word. He yesterday said all the right things. Will he keep up? We don’t know.

  5. Hey Trav! When are you going to write about Chris Norby’s latest interaction with the criminal justice system? It happened in Fullerton with the Fullerton police, and Norby is a Fullerton resident — so what the excuse for FFFF pretending it didn’t happen?

    1. Yeah, I’m working on it. The title is “Man Argues with Wife; OCEA Journalist Makes Final Cry For Attention Before EDD Paperwork Arrives.”

  6. STOP THE PRESSES! I have a bombshell in the works, regarding Roland Chi and his restaurant, Cletus and his missing dog, and Bruce Whitaker. I don’t have time to get into detail right this second as I’m preparing for the Radio OJ Alternative Senate Debate (which I hope you’re all gonna tune in for) but I’ll just say it does tend to exonerate Bruce, and looks real hinky for Roland. Stay tuned…

  7. Joe I understand. Jane I’m not impressed about creating that 100 jobs. But again yesterday he scored better than anyone. If you’ll watch the forums. Anyways I like the energy of 2 yr candidates. The 4 yr candidates seems to be a little dead except Chaffe and Jesse. I think Bankhead did better. The others had some attitude problems, flat out don’t know what you’re talking about and I have formed an opinion even before I talk to my constituents. And lie in their blogs. Two years only Roland and Bruce comes out as someone to consider. I don’t know about that Buena park thing. I think time for retirement. Does this mean our city is in trouble? At least Bank head listen to people.

  8. Bankhead listens to people? Not unless they are on the wrong track to begin with. Good luck trying to convince him of anything he doesn’t already believe. I have never heard anyone say so many factually incorrect things in defense of his votes.

  9. Impressive! All I really know of Chi is the egregious attack ad on him. Reading the “facts” that were trumped up into this attack, I think I’m inclined to vote for him now.

    1. Roland is that you? If so, go ahead and explain how the criminal complaint was “trumped up” and how all those people with food poisoning were just faking.

      And please explain why a guy who tried to get on the GG council a couple years ago now really believes he deserves to be on our city council after just moving here.

      This Chi represents everything that is wrong with politics: activity over accomplishment, self-service over public service, and an ambition that vaults ahead of any ability.

  10. Trumped up? I’m not asking you to believe anything I say. Just look yourself. It’s all right there in the docs.

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