The OCCCO Scam

Earlier today a Friend tipped us off to this self-serving video produced by OCCCO (Orange County Congregation Community Organization) touting its alleged accomplishments. The whole thing is really embarrassing. Trying to take credit for Anaheim’s “$100,000,000” housing policy is just laughable.

But when this group of group of lefty do-gooders bragged about their successful petition to the Fullerton City Council for west Fullerton to be included in the fraudulent Redevelopment expansion, some of us in the editorial room got pissed off. Cut to the 7:30 mark of the youtube clip to avoid a lot of uber-mind-numbing drivel.

Oh yeah, I got a posse and man are they dumb...

First, we have already demonstrated the not too coincidental elevation of some woman called Lee Chalker to the Board of Directors of the Fullerton Collaborative with her sudden interest in Redevelopment issues, here;  could any reasonable human being believe that Chalker and her OCCCO pals weren’t persuaded by Collaborative Executive Director and City Council woman Keller to go to public meetings and pimp something they knew absolutely nothing about? They got $26,000 bucks a couple of years ago for “community organizing” from Keller so maybe they figured they owed her, quid pro quo.

But to take credit for their stoogery in a fraudulent political act as an accomplishment not only suggests a complete lack of real accomplishment, but it also suggests a moral bankruptcy, too. Either that or a really low level of intelligence.

Well, really, what did you expect?

7 Replies to “The OCCCO Scam”

  1. but OCCCO is one big fucking scam. This group doesn’t do a damn thing, but regurgitate whats already happened.

    Heads on a stick!

  2. I may forgive good propaganda but I can’t tolerate poor taste propaganda. The sickeningly, weird fusion of politicians, God and frumpy people pep rallies neither inspires or persuades me to the cause of government funded housing (the projects also are affordable government sponsored housing, and most people struggle to get away from it). the message I get from this clip is this alphabet coalition/organization relies on cheap sentimentality instead of substance to gain support for its plan to use tax dollars to unfairly compete with private enterprise.

  3. This very much appears to be a liberal gringo operation that mobilizes Latinos and esp. children for effect. It’s based in Anaheim and I wouldn’t be the least but surprised to discover that Lorri Galloway is waist deep into manipulating this “group.”

  4. Can’t you guys find one picture of that lady where she doesn’t look hepped up on goofballs.

  5. She should pay it back. All of it. The $1200 to the city, and also the $26,000 that should have gone to the school children of Fullerton, but instead went into some vacuous pit of lobbying.

  6. I agree, OCCCO never mentions the groups it collaborates with. It just wants to take credit all the time. They are self centered.

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