Gordo Has A Sense of Shame?

The rough surface belied the literary genius lurking beneath...

How else can I explain the weird post put up on the Mauve County blog by a guy called Thomas Anthony Gordon accusing me of “voter intimidation?”

You see I busted Gordo last week for being the guy who was circulating last minute petitions for Harry Sidhu’s carpetbagging effort to get himself elected to the GOP Central Committee for yet another district (69th AD) that he doesn’t live in. Sean Mill over at the OJ Blog has also done a post on the comical doings of Gordo.

Gordon responded by claiming that my publishing the petition forms was a species of intimidation. Imagine that! Sharing a public document – with the public! The horror! Does Gordon really think these worthy folks might be ashamed at promoting the circus carnie campaigns of Hide and Seek Sidhu?

My loyal troops will follow me almost anywhere if the price is right...

And could it really be that the charming Gordon is really just ashamed at being found out to be the lackey of the perjurer Sidhu? Well, that would presuppose a sense of shame, as Joe Sipowicz would say.

Still he didn’t really believe anybody was going to swallow that load, did he?

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  1. Gordon, Keller, and some kid in a suit wouldn’t shut up last night at the NUFF Bloggers’ Forum. They talked over the panelists and moderator with the kid running back and forth between Keller and Gordon. It was like watching the schoolyard sissy run around to gossip. Later, the kid was outside the door running his mouth onhis cell phone phone reporting back to someone what had transpired. There was talk of El Pollo Loco…

  2. This guy is a bit over the edge. This morning I was doing a little research over on the OC Liberal and Orange Juice about what drove Thomas Gordon and Claudio Gallegos into a frenzy last night and found that physical intimidation seems to be S.O.P. for Gordon. Fortunately, while his physical enormity is very real, he is a classic bully. Actually, I’ve found most bullies to be a little bit more resilient than this guy. He got in Travis’ face, he got in Tony’s face and according to Art, he got in Art’s face. Once the favor was returned he turned into a pussy cat. I’ll give the guy credit for a qualified apology…”I’m sorry IF I got in your face.” And Tony, stop calling babies anchors. You and your constant anti-immigration ranting has got to stop.

    The bummer of last night was that the elephant in the room…really the reason that I believe NUFF thought to hold the forum in the first place…wasn’t really dealt with. They wanted to challenge the honesty of FFFF. Pam Keller is sitting back there and every time Tony discusses his commitment to the truth, there are just rampant snickers and chortles (not from Pam mind you). From my seat (about my fifth as I get very antsy), the loudest and most consistent was Pam’s campaign manager. What’s his deal? Art, what is your problem with the blog? If there are untruths or dishonesty, jump on and call FFFF out.

    Was Pam’s expenditure on the League of Cities event a few miles from her home justified?
    Is the trifecta of Collaborative Director/FSD Employee/City Council Member not a practical conflict?
    What’s the beef?

    I wish that audience members who are so convinced that FFFF engages in major creative writing would have been allowed to direct their accusations at Tony.

    Kudos to NUFF for holding the forum, but let the sparks fly! In their efforts to maintain decorum the big itch was never scratched….and decorum wasn’t maintained anyway.

  3. Thor,

    The Liberal OC reported today that Gordon showed up at the event with an El Pollo Loco soda and some chicken.

    Apparently Sidhu IS paying him in chicken!

    1. Yeah, it’s funny how its always about ethical politics until they are shilling for Lewis and Harrish.

      Total pay and play!!!

  4. Chris,

    I wondered what the forum was about.

    Well, if that was their goal, it backfired. Tony and I made our points and our blog opponents failed to.

    And even Marty Wisckol had to admit that our blogs are more popular than theirs…

  5. The moderator was awful at the forum last night.

    We, bloggers, are a threat to the writers like Wisckol, because we add red meat to the story with honesty and integrity.

    If the newspapers want to survive, they better hire some of us, because the readers want stories of value and bloggers do deliver!

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