Saturday Precinct Walk for Shawn Nelson

There is a precinct walk event for Shawn Nelson next Saturday, March 27th which meets at Hillcrest Park. We will gather at 12:30PM for lunch and the walking will begin at 1:30PM. I believe we’re meeting in the main picnic area at the base of the hill. The place isn’t that big. You’ll see us.

Go here for directions

A precinct can usually be walked within 2 or 3 hours, however you could certainly do part of it and finish later. Shawn needs our help on this. Shawn is a great guy and has many friends, however as a businessman and family man with many responsibilities, he’s not a professional politician who has made it his life’s work to do nothing more than develop warm and fuzzy relationships from people who want something from him. He just works hard for his family, his employees and for the taxpayers.

Let’s get this guy elected to to County Supervisor so that we have some continued defense against the insane power of public employee unions. Organizations like Friends for Fullerton’s Future and the Fullerton Association of Concerned Taxpayers are groups who fight for better government without regard for personal gain. Nearly all of those involved in groups like ours support Shawn because he is one of us.

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  1. After watching Shawn’s votes fort the last couple of years I am convinced that his mission in life is to protect tax payers. Elect him to the BOS and I think you’ll agree.

    I’ll be at this event with some neighbors, friends, and associates. I hope to see you there!

  2. i think its funny nelson has pay all this attention to his home town, FFFF likes to think fullerton is the only city in the district but its not even 30%

    1. CSUFKid,
      “i think its funny nelson has pay all this attention to his home town,…”

      I’m not sure what you meant with that part of your statement but consider this: When you are talking about FFFF, Fullerton IS the center of the world. It isn’t FFOCF or FFAF or FFHSF, it is Friends For Fullerton’s Future. Nelson is using his Fullerton base as a political spring board which is what all of the candidates are doing.

  3. Oh look, Little Billy turner is back.

    P.S. I predict Galloway will beat Hide and Seek Sidhu the Perjurer, in Anaheim.

    1. #7, the park has been divided into two parts – what’s left of the orginal park, and the growing majority that has been serially trashed by the Community Service and Engineering Departments in violation of the Landmarks Ordinance and with the full complicity of the City Council.

      So we now have Hill and Crest.

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