For Harry Sidhu Carpetbagging Isn’t the Worst of it

Why is this man smiling?

He’s smiling because he’s thinking about how damn stupid you are. Too stupid too remember that his very first campaign act was to commit a fraud, a lie, a falsification of public documents: a phony voting registration address at the seedy Calabria Apartments in west Anaheim behind the Linbrook Pool hall.

Rack 'em up, Harry!

How do we know it was a fake address? Well, Harry told us it was. He did that when his campaign handlers made him re-register at a more plausible although still dubious address – just four short weeks later! When he did that he acknowledged that his first address was just an outright lie; a lie perpetrated on you and me and everybody else in the 4th Supervisorial District. If you believe in the second address you have to admit the first one was a fake.

Now, why would Sidhu think he could get away with such an obvious thing and why would he do it in the first place? It’s really pretty simple. He has nothing but disrespect for the people he wants to represent; and of course the vast ego that drives the political ambition of a rich office hound. This is his third political campaign in two years, and his fifth in less than eight years.

I was really this close to actually moving in!

The case is simple. Sidhu tried to carpetbag his way into the campaign with the fake address. And only when he got caught in that lie did he cook up yet another address – his third in a month. And so his own actions have proved what he and his handlers had hoped wouldn’t become evident: that Sidhu suffers from a very serious case of truth decay and bad case of disrespect for his would-be constituents.

14 Replies to “For Harry Sidhu Carpetbagging Isn’t the Worst of it”

  1. It’s hard to avoid that logic. If he hadn’t been busted at number one he would still be pretending to live there.


  2. Harry is an ego-maniac and clearly honesty is not going to get in the way of his political ambition. This is made more bizarre by the fact that the main democrat in the election did the same thing.

    I see both of them as the root of what people are sick of in politics. Now we gewt to vote agianst them both at the same time.

  3. He had to have thought that no one would be watching or care enough and tried to spend as little money as possible for the carpetbagging crib.

    Just two apt complexes down from Calabria, rent is banner advertised as $575 for a studio and $650 for a one bedroom! Can’t be too much more than what Harry thought he could minimize costs with.

  4. Sidhu spent $850K against Mimi Walters and got his ass kicked with more of a margin in Anaheim, and Walters lived in South County. You would have thought Sudhu might have carried Anaheim, what does that say about Sidhu? He spent $49.27 per vote. LOSER

    Something tells me Sidhu going to spend over $500,000 and comes in 4th behind Art Brown.

  5. Question: Which carpetbagger is the most unethical?

    Lorri with her shady Eli home business
    Harry giving 10m to his developer buddies through taxes that have yet to be collected?

    I believe if it is a question of money, than Harry is the most unethical. If other things are considered, perhaps Lorri using a home for abused women and children for the enrichment of herself, family, and friends is probably more dastardly unethical.

    1. When Harry gets his picture taken kneeling at the grave of a dead little girl he will have sunk to Galloway’s level of ethical behavior.

  6. Anyone know when a debate will be happening between the candidates? I really hope carpetbagging, the Eli Home funds and Developers will be addressed…that is if Lorri and Harry show up. Doubt the will.


    1. As far as humor goes I’ve got to give it to assclown Sidhu and all his phony residences. Say, you weren’t one of his pool playing buddies, were you?

  7. Again, #10, this is the “whisper” Campaign Tactics that won’t work in an election and ultimately will ensure Sidu’s failure.

    Not one for predictions, I will, however, make this one prognostication: the inference of “something” will never be substantiated with data and facts. The Siduh village Crier’s will constantly beat the low frequency drums of grumbling knowledge of “something” about Nelson but nothing will be forthcoming. That’s how whisper campaigns work.

    This is how unethical political campaigns evolve around lack luster, carpetbagging, unethical, narcissistic, and visions of grandeur candidate(s). Even Sidhu’s bought and paid for staff can’t stomach the reality of their own candidate’s substantially low prospects of winning. But because they have taken Siduh’s dollar they have created a “Faustian” deal. One paid campaign staffer has already paid the price just two weeks ago by stating his no faith in Siduh to win.

    Lets have a debate between Nelson and Siduh. Let us see if Sidu can win the hearts and minds of the electorate with his great oratory ability – with the stumbling bumbling 30 seconds of his intro speech to the CRA the other night. Except this time He won’t have his little Steve “Bilbo Baggins” Sarkis to allow him to restart his speech and the time clock again.

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