Did Fullerton Councilman Assault Female Cop At Christmas Party?

JUNE UPDATE: I’ve spoken with another police officer who wants to know why we haven’t posted any more information on this story, as there were many witnesses to the alleged act. Rest assured, we are not going to stop digging until we get to the bottom of this.

FEBRUARY UPDATE: I spoke yesterday with the officer in question who has stated unequivocally that an incident did in fact occur, and that Councilman Jones has mischaracterized his innocence. The officer has been instructed by City Human Resources Department to avoid further communication with us.

We all know that Christmas parties are notorious for bad behavior on the part of some of the participants. When you are an elected official maybe you believe you can get away with some extracurricular activity without reproach. And maybe you are a just a bigger target for nasty accusations that aren’t true.


Jones Denies Story

Which is the case with Councilman F. Richard “Dick” Jones?

We have been informed by separate sources, both in the Fullerton PD and in City Hall, that Jones slapped a female Fullerton police detective on her buttocks at a police union Christmas Party on December 18th at the Summit House restaurant; and that the physical assault was followed up with a dismissive slur regarding Dick’s perception of the officer’s sexual orientation.

Yesterday we sent Dick Jones an e-mail asking him to respond to this allegations. Here is what he said:

I just learned of this allegation this weekend. This is completely untrue and I have no idea why or how this rumor was started. People who know me, know I would do no such thing to anyone. Thank you for asking me. Such an accusation is very upsetting as there is no truth to it!

So now we have an accusation and a denial, and as yet no response from the officer in question. So the real question is why anybody in the Fullerton PD would attempt what would evidently be a smear on Jones? That’s a good question and one we will be pursuing.

In any case, difficulties arise, including the possibility of a cover-up of this alleged incident within both City Hall, as well as in the ranks of the police union itself. Apart from the issue of a typical hush-up for a politician, there remains the subject of other parties who may have a stake in making sure that news of the alleged incident doesn’t get out. The City Manager is a close personal friend of Mr. Jones, and would certainly render any investigation problematic. Meanwhile, the police union is apparently in the process of bargaining a new agreement and may very well be in need of Jones’ vote.

If true, the incident would certainly center on the behavior of Jones, of course; and also the rights of the officer in question who may be feeling pressure from her bosses and also from her union brethren to let the matter go – at least for now.

Alternatively we are confronted with the possibility that someone within the Fullerton Police Department has concocted and sold a story in order to make Jones look bad. But what for? Who knows? In any case, the timing may be poor. Angering a potential vote during labor negotiations is probably not the best idea.

We’ll stay on top of this as best we can. Particularly to make sure that this situation doesn’t end up playing a part in a labor agreement negotiation.

35 Replies to “Did Fullerton Councilman Assault Female Cop At Christmas Party?”

  1. I’ve said a lot of mean (true) things about this guy, but I would still like to find out who would make up such a specific story, and why.

  2. I am reminded of the time when Creepy Dick grabbed and kissed Pam Keller’s hand during a council meeting a few months back. She was not happy about it either.

  3. Jones has a history of inappropriate behavior and comments. Just another in a long line. But he’s a doctor and colonel and a councilman so it’s all good.

    Resign, you creep!


  5. Yes, Dick the Prick is a fucking liar. I would call him a lying sack of shit but I don’t want to insult sacks of shit that badly. The truth WILL come out and you will see what a worthless, lying, scum-sucking ball-sack Jones really is.

  6. I’m all for the occasional four letter word but profanity for the sake of profanity should be left off the board. As for Jones, where is the regular media in this?

    1. I usually agree with you Hollis, but who the hell do you think you are telling people not to say how they feel, especially about dip shit Dick?

  7. Two questions:

    1) Who is the supposed victim and what does she say?

    2) Are the cops that were there playing the “no comment” card.

    Admin, if you get a “no comment” from anyone that witnessed this its time to scream from the rooftops that the fix is in.

  8. go for it admin
    let the sun shine on this situation.
    its like the fleshman’s video of the secret abode in irvine
    sunlight has a way of bleaching the situation clean

  9. martin b, the fullerton observer’ s editor sharon kennedy aka SK probably freeloads health care from doc dick jones, , “Trust me, SK, I’m a doctor.”

    1. Allan, whats worse Jones’ assault or city staff intentionally leaving out important information on a zone change?

  10. There is no cover-up. Tony has the entire story wrong. The officer involved doesn’t WANT to talk to Tony. This does not make it a cover-up. Tony is so anti-Jones, he is acting like he really cares in the slightest about the officer.

    He doesn’t. Let’s just make that clear.

    1. I repeated the story that was told to me by two different sources – plus Jones’ denial. The officer told me that something had occurred and that Jones was misrepresenting his innocence.

      So you tell me: what is the right story?

  11. Tony, you don’t care about this officer in the slightest, you simply are using this incident to further your agenda of “No Jones”. I’m not saying I support Jones in the slightest, I don’t really care. But just because you print in here on your “blog” doesn’t make it true.

    And just because “something” happened, doesn’t mean that it’s what you say it is or is even close.

    What’s the right story? I wouldn’t want to clog up your blog with the right anything, clearly you already have the right answers you want to hear.

    …but hey, what do I know, I’m just a guy in Fullerton.

  12. I have an idea. Why doesn’t the officer give her side and Jones give his side?

    Oh, correction, the female officer as I understand will no longer talk to anyone (except probably an employment attorney).

  13. JustAGuyInFullerton :What’s the right story? I wouldn’t want to clog up your blog with the right anything

    That’s the stupidest cop-out I’ve seen in a long time. The truth is that you heard the same story as everyone else and that’s all you know.

  14. I suggest calling the City of Fullerton HR Dept. to confirm that there is an open investigation into the matter. Maybe they will have a statement.

  15. EEEEEEEEEEEEEnoughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I ony paddled..I mean swated…Oh how I louv’s ta paddle em……no thats not right, I mean ta say……….I was feeling her gluteous-magnificeint-maximus to see if she need some plastic surgery…you all know I’m a doctor…..ya gots to feel the patient up, shit I mean palpate the body part yer about to consult on. Can I get a retration here? Can some body retract my foot from my moufth…..

    Jones, the possibilities are endless.

  16. I don’t like Dr. Jones very much based only on my observations of him as a Councilman.

    I just barely skimmed this article and a couple of the comments.

    I don’t believe this to be true, unless the end of the story was that Dr. Jones had to be literally carried out of the party on a stretcher stone cold passed out drunk.

  17. With everything else going on, why dig up some old Jones story–unless there’s really something new here.

    BTW–Ed Roski wasted more $$$ on another LOSING assembly candidate–see 59th AD Chris Lancaster.

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