Daly To Drop Out of Supervisor Race; Art Brown To Jump In

A little while ago we received the following e-mail from Art Brown, the avuncular councilmember from Buena Park:

Subject: 4th District Supervisor

I just got off the phone with Tom Daly.  He is pulling out of the race for supervisor today and filing to run for his current position of Clerk-recorder.

As it had been my intent to run for supervisor in the past but stood aside for Tom I am filing for the supervisors race on Monday.  I feel with my experience in local government over the past 24 years and my record OCTA representing the 4th district that I am the best candidate for the job.

You what??!!

We have not yet verified this information, but it sure has the ring of truth. Daly’s desire for the job may have been tempered by the reality of abandoning a great paying job with no requirements, no performance standards, and no term limits. The idea of a rough and tumble campaign may not have been too appealing, either; but if Tom think he’s out of the woods, he’s may have another think coming: he has well-endorsed opponent in the Clerk’s race and eight years of office baggage to haul around with him.

But we will say this for Daly in parting the Supe race: AT LEAST HE LIVED IN THE DISTRICT.

And to Art Brown: thanks for the heads up and welcome to the party. Supes on!

55 Replies to “Daly To Drop Out of Supervisor Race; Art Brown To Jump In”

  1. Art Brown needs to retire. NOW. Or go fix his Metrolink train and stop it from killing people. The last thing the 4th needs is this geezer.

  2. What a surprise??? I predicted this 10 months ago. He is a pretender!!! If his family is really the issue, and a campaign is too demanding, why is he even running for Clerk Recorder??

    What a sham.

  3. This will be one press release I don’t even need to read. I already know what it says:

    “I’m doing this for my family and all those precious family moments…”

    While Daly may have some money raised from his Supervisor bid that Nguyen guy has bee racking up some support. And as you say admin Daly’s bound to have some shenanigans to explain.

  4. This is the worst day of our lives!! We were hoping to be rid of this incompetent, skirt chasing, unprofessional, political crony. Thank God he is rarely here, the problem is we have to deal with his idiot assistant, renee ramirez

    1. Luke – then that press release over on Red County is a fake?

      BTW, Joe, you were right. It’s all about the family. it had tears splattered on it. What a complete phony. Good riddance.

    2. I spoke to soon. While I did speak to the Clerk-Recorder yesterday, I just confirmed that it is, in fact, the case that he is opting to run for re-election instead.

  5. It seems a bit decietful to raise money for a supervisorial race, then swithch to the Clerk Recorder at the last secord.

  6. does this mean that Daly is going to hire that slim ball Phil Tsunoda back to the Clerk Recorder’s Department?

  7. The problem with American Politics. The people that run for office are in it for themselves and their own personal agendas. Unfortunately, many as in this case they are running to help the and not the American people.

  8. Someone on this blog has been posting “does Daly even have a supervisorial campaign account yet?”

    I guess the implication was correct; Daly would not be serious about running unless he opened up a campaign account for supervisor. Man those lobbyists must be frickin pissed off.

    We need to get Nguyen elected to Clerk-Recorder and take out Daly once and for all.

  9. I support Hugh Nguyen because he is the best candidate for this job. I met Hugh the other day at an event. He is a nice guy and is a better candidate than Tom Daly.

    Hugh you can’t drop out of this race. You have more experience than Tom Daly.

    We need to help Hugh win this election so we can get rid of a career politician once and for all.

  10. Will Tom be supporting Shawn now or will he go with the party and support the CARPETBAGGER Lorri Galloway???

  11. Hey Luke Skywalker, why don’t you call Daly and find out why he lied to you yesterday about staying the race.

    Or maybe he was being honest but something made him crap his pants this morning.

    1. He didn’t exactly lie to me, we talked for a few minutes about things that were forthcoming and then he moved on. Because of the content of the convo I didn’t expect him to drop out, is all.

      He’s definitely not a power hungry politician that much is certain. If his rational is really spending more time with his family, I’d say that’s pretty considerate of him.

      The only part of this that really grinds my gears is that Galloway will be the Dem front runner. Let’s see if she doesn’t end up dropping out as well because of the immense weight of her carpetbag.

  12. Geezer? Urbana you date yourself. I prefer the title of seasoned senior. Come along and try to keep up on one of my busy days.

  13. I predicted this on my blog months ago. Nice to see it come true.

    As for this bogus guy calling himself “Luke Skywalker,” he is giving the Jedi a bad name. He ought to call himself “Daly Bootlicker.”

    1. Actually Art, I never endorsed Tom Daly. We went to the same Highschool and he grew up 2 blocks away from me. Now lives 5 blocks away from me with his wife and family. He has Anaheim roots, which is more than those obscene carpetbaggers can say for themselves.

  14. Art Brown,

    You are nothing but a stipend whore. Government service is supposed to be just that, service. You have taken more than you have given and now that you cant be on a council any more due to appropriate term limits you are lusting for more attention. Why dont you volunteer for something? Many people serve their community and dont take pay for doing so. Until you “serve” without the pay you are just a whore in many people’s book and nothing more.

    As far as the supervisor race, I dont believe you will raise the money to pay for a ballot statement.

    Quit giving Santa a bad name.

  15. Luke,

    Did Daly live with the first Debbie or the second one, when he was your neighbor? Don’t forget that he dumped the first one and married Debbie the county lobbyist on the rebound.

    Will the lobbyist Debbie stick around after we hound him out of the Ckerk-Recorder’s office?

    Might be time for Daly to find another Debbie!

    1. Art,

      Whoever the man married, for whatever reason, however many times, is none of anyone’s business except his own, and his family’s.

      I know your just itching to bring him, but why make it personal? Show what you got and let that speak for itself. Spare me the dramatics.

  16. Dont feel so bad Luke, Tom Daly told me the same thing a week ago. His exact words to me were “I’m definately running for Supervisor and I’m gonna win this thing”.

    cant say i trust him much anymore.

    1. Duped, I don’t feel deceived at all.

      I wasn’t on Daly’s staff, never been employed by the guy, not in his insiders circle… never even walked a precinct for the dude.

      I’m just an active, friendly constituent. I have no hard feelings. Please refrain from assuming things on my behalf in the future.

  17. Come on People, I think Daly is making the right choice here. Really, how many hot, young girls would be working in the 4th District Office, compared to the numbers in the Clerk Recorder Office? Good Move Tom!!

    Tiger Woods

  18. This is surprising, and Im curious as to what prompted the decision, especially with his current campaign funds and another fund raiser a few days away.

  19. I can’t believe John Dumitru would ask for the CRA members not to endorse a candidate for the Clerk Recorder.

    The guy is not even sure if he is running and if he is running he has not chance agaisnt Tom Daly. John has no experience and Tom would tear him apart.

    The only guy that has a chance is Hugh Nguyen at least he has over 12 years experience working at the Clerk Recorder Office.

    We need to come together and support a candidate who is qualified to do the job.

    John Dumitru don’t even think about running because you are not qualified to do this job!

    1. I don’t think Daly is going to be tearing anybody apart. The way I hear it some strange skeletons are about to fall out of the Clerk/Recorder’s cupboard.

  20. My cousin work for Hugh Nguyen and she said he was a great boss, someone who cares about his employees and she said when Hugh was there the morale was awesome.

    She said that the department morale is terrible and that they are going to support Hugh over Tom Daly.

    I will be helping my cousin campaign for Hugh because he is the only candidate who is qualified to do this job.

    I know before Tom Daly drop our of the supervisor race we had other candidates wanting to run for this office. Just because you are a city councilman Art Brown or I heard John Dumitru that you are qualified to do this job. It’s seem to me that you guys are just looking for a job just like Tom Daly.

  21. I’m not really a political person nor do I rub elbows with local politicians, so I read some of these blogs to stay informed about local issues and candidates. But I have to say I am surprised at the general animosity toward Tom Daly. Why do all you people attack him so vehemently?

  22. The reason Tom Daly is so strongly attacked is because he represents everything that is wrong and bad with American politics. First, he is only running because he needs a paycheck, he cant get a regular job so he runs for a paying office. He doesn’t care about the constituents or greater good of the community. Second his word means nothing. He tells people one thing to their face, then does the opposite. He thinks he is being clever and shrewd, but all he has done is alienate and anger people. Third, he uses taxpayer’s money to hire his friends and cronies without regard for the cost or waste of this practice. Fourth, Tom Daly takes credit for work others have done, including achievements, ideas, and legislation. I guess he is also a crummy boss, based on the wide range of comments from his employees. Since this has been his practice over his entire career, he has amassed sizeable army of enemies. He may be a fun person to sit down and have a beer with, but he shouldn’t be in public office or entrusted with public money.

  23. I want to be like TOM DALY when I grow up and other politicians just looking for a job even though they are not qualified to do the job!

  24. Team Daly has cancelled the February 25th fundraising reception (for the Supervisor campaign) at The Catch restaurant in Anaheim.

  25. I guess that Fullerton satelite office didn’t work out for Tom Daly after all. What a waste of taxpayers money.

    I met Hugh Nguyen last week and what a nice young man. When I talked to him he was so passionate about the office and the guy has tons of experience. I know he will do a better job than Tom Daly.

    Tom Daly is a Flake and we need someone like Hugh Nguyen who will actually show up to work. He will save taxpayers money and not overspend like Tom Daly!!!!!!

    I will be voting for Hugh Nguyen for County Clerk-Recorder.

    1. “Fullerton Taxpayer”

      I would be genuinely surprised if you paid Fullerton a single penny in tax revenue, Daniel. It’s really astounding to me how such a seemingly nice, smart, young gay can lack even the smallest ethical barometer. Go back to the 3rd!

  26. Seems like everyone we talk too is supporting Hugh as well.

    The only reason Jon Dumitru is running is because of his wife. Jon doesn’t look so important to her anymore as a lowly little Councilman in Orange (lowest guy on the totem pole there too) since she is Sen. Mimi Walters Chief of Staff. So, he and his best friend Steve Sheldon (crook) look for ways to get him in a county seat so he can get rich.

  27. I met Hugh Nguyen at the Tet festival last weekend and he is a very nice guy. You can tell is running because he understand the operation at the Clerk Recorder.

    He gave me one of his flyer that was in English and Vietnamese. There were alot of supporter visiting his booth.

    I can’t believe he can speak Vietnamese. That was totally awesome.

    Hugh you got my vote and my families and friends.

  28. I’m a friend of Jon and I can’t imaging why he would even consider running for the Clerk Recorder. He has no experience and he no chance with Tom Daly seeking re-election.

    I guess every politician are always looking for a job even though they are not qualified.

  29. Just wait. Laura Cunningham is going to make a surprise entrerance at the 11th hour send hugh to the back benches………Sorry, I can’t even make this stuff up. I tried!

    But it sounds like dimitru is the Laura Cunningham of today: COMPLETELY UNQUALIFIED!

  30. Unless Laura Cunnigham is super rich, she has no chance. No on will have a chance to beat Tom Daly because he is an encumbance. The voters will vote for him.

    It’s too expensive for any candidates to reach out to all voters in Orange County. You would have to spend at least $500,000 to 1million dollars to reach the voters.

    I don’t think any candidates would do that.

  31. Now that Daly is out, Colony Rabble aka Cynthia Ward has been repurposed into supporting FFFF’s favorite Anaheim thug: Craig Hunter for Sheriff.

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