Der Pringle Gets Swift Kick In Ass On Way Out Door

You just can’t beat candor at the public podium.

Here is Anaheim community leader Amin David at Kurt Pringle’s public going away party letting Der Pringle know that not all of the Anaheim Volk are happy Volk.¬† Specifically he slams Pringle for his latest Platinum Triangle do-over and deficient EIR.

Did you enjoy the shot at Sidhu as Pringle’s puppet-monkey and Hernandez as a dim-wit? I did.

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    1. he sure did, but his last sentence is classic, “Mr. Mayor good tidings to you as you ride off into the sunset and into the pockets of those developers”.

  1. As the phony pathetic Repuglicans continue their deceitful theft and “redistribution” of private property through back room Redevelopment Agency deals, the public forums will become more aggressive.

    This descent of course is occurring while the Democrat-Communist Party Totalitarians have literal hired thugs (e.g. ACORN) and the politicized Police Union thugs “organizing” civil upheaval.

    The RINO big government guys have a two year window remaining (in congress).

    Just flushing a few of the local phonies like Mr. Pringle, by no means ends this process, which will only actually begin in California when the “bail out” money is cut off from the “Red states” to Jerry Brown’s “Blue Bloods.”

  2. Throw all the bums out! Dems… RINOs… all of them. The only good politician is the one leaving office.

    We need to give each elected official a “Tea Party Test.” If they don’t pass 100%, they are OUT!! No more “90% is good enough.” No more compromises or working with others. That’s how we got to where we are today.

    We need 100% purity tests. Everyone else must be expunged from political office.

  3. 100% purity test? are you insane, our country was built on compromise. next itlll be throw out all the mexicans or indians or koreans.

    1. Makes sense “compton”. Since the facvts are constantly against you at least you are consistent with dealing the race card at every step.

      Ideas are not about race. Truth is not about race. You are hung up on race (and carpetbaggers/perjurors).

  4. Who was that dude??

    He was fucking GREAT! It just demonstrates you don’t have to be a sweetheart to speak up.

    This Amin was well spoken and succinct. Perhaps T-RACK (What a horrible public speaker) and even Pringle himself could take a page from this guys book.

    If he does’nt write for the FFFF he should.

    That is speaking for your community!

    Fuck YEAH!

    1. Amin David is a fixture in Anaheim, as a leader of the Latino community. Unfortunately I am often on the opposite side of his arguments, as he tends to push a far more liberal viewpoint than i care for, but in this case i have to say I agree with him. I liked Pringle, I used to defend and promote him, but after his re-election, and especially after he got apppinted to HSR, he became someone else entirely, or more likely he was always that person and he did not let it show until later. What an extreme dissapointment he turned out to be. I trusted him and he hosed our City. You in Fullerton are very lucky, you have men like Bruce Whitaker to stand up for you, and while your RDA is as bad as ours it is not as large and invasive City-wide. Hang onto what you have and treat Anaheim as a shining example-of what NOT to do.

  5. Tony Serra said: “Who was that dude??”

    That is Amin David, a supporter of loony Nativo Lopez & a socialist – if the likes of Mr. David were running Anaheim you would all be in deep shit.

    1. Amin David is a big Galloway backer.

      Nevertheless, he hit the nail on the head: the ex-Mayor-for-Hire, now simply Mr. For Hire, is the best (worst) example of someone who parlayed political contacts as an elected representative into a huge money making business peddling influence with the help of a stable of elected cronies.

      Oh, yeah. John Lewis is right there with him in the repuglican hierarchy. Notice how they both promoted the utterly worthless Assclown Sidhu for their own self-interest.

      Ugh. Gotta go take a shower. Just writing about these creeps is polluting.

  6. Before you red-bait David, he has posted on our fun filled OC politico blogosphere…on the Liberal OC.

    I don’t care about that. I’ve interviewed the guy, met him out in public and appreciate all the work he does in the community.

    Plus that was an EPIC middle finger to Pringle. Dig the message even if you don’t like the messenger for whatever your reason may be.

  7. “And Mr. Hernandez! Well… we’re not sure that he fully grasped the importance of the issues before him.”

    That line was perfect/priceless.

    1. That is the kindest manner in which I think i have ever heard someone call another a fu%#@ng idiot. I dont know about his politics but I like his style. Nice job Mr. David.

    1. That’s James Robert Reade, council gadfly extraordinaire, who often comes to Council to give his free-association word-salad musings on crime/gangbangers/police injustice/the Mexicans living in his mobile home park during the public-comment period of the meeting. Anaheim PD did something to him (that was serious enough that the city settled with him to the tune of $50,000), but it’s not clear what. You can visit his crazy-person website here:

      He may hate APD, but he loves, loves, loves himself some Curt Pringle. He gave Pringle an incredible tonguebath during the public comments on the Platinum Triangle EIR (that he was realizing Ronald Reagan’s vision of a shining city on a hill, or something like that), so it’s not a surprise that he’d still be all pumped up over the whole thing a few weeks later.

        1. Retired? You kidding, Lord Vader? I ran a superior court judge’s campaign in the primary, and 3 smaller ones in the general. This kid is here to stay.

    1. I’m not sure what to think about the whole affair. On one hand, there’s definitely something there, because, hey, the city paid out $50K, and (I’d like to think, at least) that they don’t do that lightly. On the other hand, Reade can’t be taken seriously as a reliable narrator; the guy is obviously mentally ill. If I came across him at 12:30 in the morning acting like he does at council meetings, I’d be inclined to think he was on drugs, too. Calling him an ‘activist’ is a kindness.

  8. I just hope Art Moreno takes the Angels to Arizona and then what the hell will become of the Platinum Triangle???? The mistake by the stadium. Good bye Pringle…Thank God for term-limits.

  9. Amin David’s ungrateful attitude, jealous mindset and bitterness prevent ambition from thriving among his group and provides insight to the gang mentality that contributes to the birth of gangbanger intimidation in Anaheim. It is time for Amin David to unlock many years of wisdom to focus solely on removing Eastside, Citron and Pauline gangbangers from Anaheim. James Robert Reade.

    1. The only people jealous of Pringle would be petty thieves who want to elevate their games to his level of grand larceny.

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