Bullhorn Berardino Backfire

Nick is that a union made garment? Too bad it doesn't hide your Rolex.

There is an old axiom that says all politics are local. Nick “Bullhorn” Berardino, chief union goon of the Orange County Employees Association seems to have forgotten that adage. Maybe he never heard it.

A week or so ago week his union sent out a mailer accusing Fullerton’s Shawn Nelson of voting to spend money on a “red-tagged” building. Too bad the building was Fullerton’s historic Fox Theater, a structure whose restoration thousands of Fullertonians support and to which hundreds, including Nelson, have made personal donations. The mailer provoked this letter that appeared in the mid-May Fullerton Observer:

Oops. Looks like Berardino has really soiled himself this time.

Retraction? Apology? Not very likely, guys. See, Nick Berardino and his crew operate in a whole different environment that you might imagine. In Comrade Nick’s world you grab and grab and keep grabbing all you can get while giving as little as possible in return.

And that’s why Orange County’s finances are so messed up, why County departments are run so poorly, and why the OCEA is absolutely terrified of a Shawn Nelson victory.

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  1. The union members should get rid of Nick. This guy is a puppet. He is backing Tom Daly. Daly has been involved i shady contract deals and hiring friends who donates to his campaign and not one beep from Nick. This goes to show he is not really proctecting the union members but his own agenda.

    Nick where is your bullhorn. Tom Daly is the biggest loser in the County. A career politician who we need to vote out of office.

  2. It’s also worth mentioning that ol’ Nick and his minions did a real number on the peeper, County Auditor Webster Guillory recently. Not that Webster’s an exemplary public servant as he once proposed using inspectors to peep into backyards to see it you had a pool or an improvement to your house that wasn’t coming up on your assessment, but yesterday’s OC Register did print a story on how OCEA members were found to be NOT believable by the DA when they started whining about malfeasance in the Auditor’s office. This is just the kind of BS that makes us ordinary taxpayers LOATH these union goons and their fearless leader. Will there be any backlash against these lazy pukes? Of course not.

  3. This is what happens when your IE is in it for all the wrong reasons. You just dump money off to a consultant who knows (and cares) even less that you do and is only interested in making sure your check clears.

    The funniest part of that mailer was the inclusion of an old building four blocks away that had nothing to do with anything.

    More County worker efficiency.

  4. I support Shawn Nelson but not his efforts to save the Fox theatre. From what I have read, there seems to be an either or belief that unless the Fox is preserved it will become souless s***(I’m quoting another FFFF blogger) shopping center or bar. as for the letter’s claim that there is overwhelming community support to save the Fox, 18000 out of a population of 132,000 does not add up to overwhelming community support. why not allow democracy to prevail in Fullerton and put the save the fox issue on our election ballot

  5. So, The Observer finally must print something favorable about Shawn, because he and the Fox are under common attack.

    Hey, it may be a boondoggle, but at least it’s OUR boondoggle! And at least nobody’s getting rich off of it!

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