Beauties And The Beast – Redux

We caught some flak awhile back for our posts on the subject of old geezers getting all touchy-feely with the tender young Miss Fullertons at Chamber of Commerce mixers, here and here. Some of our readers thought the practice was harmless or trivial.

Whatever one’s perspective, the images were pretty fun. Remember?


"Never any brass knuckles around when you need 'em" almost garnered a coveted Fringie Award.

Naturally when the Miss Fullerton contestants went on display at the council meeting this past Tuesday we thought it was a likely source of entertainment. We were right: The proceedings did not disappoint.

Enjoy our debonair mayor in action. Quite frankly he was almost dumbfounded.

16 Replies to “Beauties And The Beast – Redux”

  1. How could you take something so wholesome and virtuous and twist it into something disgusting.

    You’re sick. Sick!

  2. But he managed to keep his hands to himself! Amazing!!

    What was really entertaining was Bankhead’s cocky and arrogant handling of the mayor rotation. It was another quality-based temper-tantrum Tuesday! Maybe admin can put that segment into a youtube vid. Doc couldn’t understand…Bankhead was happy to point out that Nelson was going to be a supervisor (didn’t know he had a crystal ball), and Keller wanted to point out to Bankhead that her situation was quite different than his when he was passed over for mayor. Then Bankhead challenged her in front of everyone to explain her situation…

    Can we recall all of them??? Actually, Quirk was ok; she can stay…

  3. Creepiest mayor ever. Here’s a transcript since it’s hard to hear:

    Bankhead: I just met them all and I’m dying because… quite frankly… I’m setting here watching and everything… wishing I was 25 again.

    (nervous laughter from female contestants)

    But it’s great to have you all down here tonight and I wish you all the luck in the world. I wish all of you could be prom queen.

    And uh. Uh. I’ll do my best to take as many pictures throughout the year with you as possible. That won’t help you at all but it will make me happy.

  4. Bankhead: “I just met them all and I’m dying because… quite frankly… I’m setting here watching and everything… wishing I was 25 again.”, now that’s creepy.

    Now we all know why he wants to keep being the mayor sooo bad.

  5. Eeeeeeewwwww!

    That’s just gross. And all that touchy stuff. Very creepy.

    I hope they’re not doing that in City Hall!

  6. I am proud that Mayor Bankhead and City Coucil support our program. Do you even know anthing about the Miss America program. Mayor Bankhead has always acted with respect for the contestants. We are honored to have his support. You need to go bark up another tree. You won’t get any support from our program.

  7. Mrs. Hikawa, perhaps you could use your authority as the ED of Miss Fullerton Program to ask Dick ‘n Don to keep their hands off the ladies.

    Or at least ask your girls what they think of these grabby old creeps.

  8. We now know that Dick assaulted a female Fullerton police officer at the police Christmas party, perhaps his behavior has been taught to be OK by all the young naive beauties who just want to be Miss Fullerton. I wonder how many free tit rubs the 2 old geezers have cheaply taken over the years and months.

    I say it’s time to keep these old perverts away from the young ladies, there is a lesson to be learned here.

  9. Only the idiot that posted the original post could make something sick out of this. Mayor Bankhead has always been respectful of our contestants. Sounds like you need a life. Please leave our program alone. Mayor Bankhead may be able to take these comments but I don’t think you want to mess with the Miss CA crowd. We have worked hard to build this program and you are trying to make it something dirty….Shame on you. There is nothing wrong with posing for a photo the fact that you have a problem with it shows you’re the idiot. There is no grabbing going on. I’m disgusted by your comments. Why don’t you get a “real” cause.

    1. Bankhead said what he said.

      And why do your girls have to show up at the Chamber mixers and get squeezed by all the men-folk? What’s all the touchy-feely stuff about?

      As a female I find this sort of “woman-as-photo-op” to be sexist and repellant.

      So there.

  10. Aw Shadow, why waste your breath?

    The women who promote this stuff are just frustrated stage moms who get a vicarious kick out of it. We know why the geezers love it!

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