Yep, Chi’s Non-Profit Was Used to Promote His Campaign

An unmarked compact disc was anonymously placed in our drop box the other day by someone who we presume is close to the Chi campaign. It was loaded with photos taken from Chi’s event last week, confirming earlier suspicions that Chi would be using his tax-exempt non-profit to promote his political campaign, in defiance of IRS tax rules.

Perhaps a more interesting observation: It looks like hardly anybody showed up.

The boring photos reveal a very small audience comprised mostly of political candidates, including Janny Meyer, Bev Berryman, Don Bankhead, and a few of their family members.

The whole event appears to be a lot of wasted effort for an unsuccessful attempt at self-promotion.

Of course, we couldn’t help but notice that the event was catered. For the health and safety of Chi’s guests, let’s hope the food didn’t come from his own supermarket.

Did you try the shrimp?

16 Replies to “Yep, Chi’s Non-Profit Was Used to Promote His Campaign”

  1. You forgot to mention the geezer in the hideous red realtor jacket – the infamous A.B. “Buck” Catlin who got himself recalled in 1994 for creating an unnecessary utility tax at the behest of City Manager James L. Armstrong. Come to think of it, so did Bankhead.

    The only one missing seems to be Doc Heehaw who my have been performing surgery on one of his donkeys.

  2. Bankhead and Chi cut a deal with the Police and Fire Unions. No wonder why both of them are partners in crime to rip off the taxpayers.

    Enuf said!

    Time for a Fullerton Taxpayers revolt that sends the Unions Thugs looking for Hoffa!

  3. Hmmmm, you’d think people would line up and pay a lot of money to party with the infamous Buck Catlin. Guess not.

  4. The “non-profit” pretext of Chi’s event and the “Roland Chi City Council” banners seem to be contradictory. The invitations, one of which I received, gave the impression that the event was even Museum sponsored. I wonder if the rental rates are different for political events and if the sly and crafty Chi made the Museum Staff believe that it was a “non-profit” event too.

    1. We love “asians, Indians and women.”

      We don’t like poisoners, perjuring assclowns, and elected dimwits. Or blog trolls.

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