Bad Time to Raise Taxes; Especially to Save the League of Cities Baloney

Taxes takin’ my whole damn check, junkies makin’ me a nervous wreck,  the price of food is goin’ up, an’ as if all that shit wasn’t enough, this Tuesday evening the city’s considerin’ a water rate increase.

Furthermore, the city is going to use the rate increase to pay for the League of Cities baloney. The two spendthrift promoters of this idea are Don Bankhead and Pam Keller  who in 2008 attended the League of Cities conference in Long Beach here and here, a mere 25 miles from their front doors and racked up $400 per night waterfront hotel bills.

The League of Cities is a do nothing operation run by bureaucrats for the purpose of promoting their own policies. Fullerton’s annual membership budget is $75,000 – not an inconsiderable sum, exactly why the City of Orange quit the League.

NO new taxes, NO bogus water rate increase. We all know Bankhead and Keller are going to vote for this tax increase and I suspect Dick “RINO” Jones will, too.

We’ll find out tomorrow night.

7 Replies to “Bad Time to Raise Taxes; Especially to Save the League of Cities Baloney”

  1. Out! Out of office for anyone who votes for this increase so self-important petty officials can blow our dwindling resouces on themselves! The Doc doesn’t care what anyone thinks because he will step down soon, but Bankhead and Keller are up for reelection, and they are both going down to defeat! DEFEAT! Drive them from office!! Be there at this meeting to let them know you will not stand for this idiocy, and flood them with email in the meantime!

  2. MWD spends money like its water. Make your reps you send to the water authority actually pull in some of the MWD’s extravagant spending. If you think your council are poor stewards of public money you’ll be nauseated by MWD. That won’t change until we start sending MWD reps that have a backbone and integrity.

  3. again, I thank FFFF for its existence. If not for FFFF, us, fullertonites, would never be told the truth about Keller and Bankhead’s abuse of our city’s tax dollars. Conversely, no thanks to the fullerton Observer that only acts as a cheerleader to Keller instead of reporting the facts about Keller who only serves herself at the public trough.

  4. Whoever is making all of these videos is doing a real public service. I can’t sit through four hours of city council meetings every week. Thanks for sharing the lowlights with us.

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