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It looks like we can add another skill to Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly’s public money squandering resume.  As previously reported here, not only does Daly excel at wasting public money and doling out jobs to his contributor’s relatives, it appears that he also hands out no-bid contracts to campaign contributors as well. It turns out that the contracts are more of what we’re used to: highly questionable and unaudited relationships, and of course, ultimate failure.

Get a load of this one.

Between 2002 and 2007, Christopher Townsend, who is the president of Townsend Public Affairs, contributed a total of $2600 to Tom Daly’s campaigns. During this period, Townsend was awarded two $60,000 no-bid contracts for “consulting services.” Townsend was awarded these contracts without bidding because of their supposed know-how in obtaining grants from the California Cultural Historical Endowment. What for, you ask?

In late 2005/2006 the grant application was for $150,000 to go to “planning” the archives expansion in the old Courthouse building in Santa Ana. Apparently the contract and the grant application were approved solely on the authority of Daly himself – that’s right, no Board of Supervisor’s oversight.

The big problem was that the grant application was for a building over which the “Manager of the Year” Daly had no authority. Apparently it is controlled by the Harbors Parks and Beaches Department that lets the Clerk-Recorder use it for some of his functions. And seemingly they had no clue what Daly was up to.

Even though Daly got the grant he wanted, the County had to turn the money back in April, 2006 because of the inability of Daly to communicate what he was doing with the other County bureaucrats. The official excuse was “unanticipated space and stakeholder concerns.” Translated from Bureaucratese into English: Big Daly F-up.

Well, there’s $60,000 down the toilet.

Undaunted by failure, late in 2006 the indefatigable Daly was before the Board of Supervisors asking for another $60,000 no-bid contract with Townsend. The motive was the same, but by now Daly’s covetous eye likely rested on the wretched building at 433 West Civic Center, a $2.1 million liability that he would talk the Board into acquiring in 2007. We shared that mess with you, here. The second grant application ended up with a big goose egg, however the purchase of the money pit on Civic Center Drive proceeded headlong, full speed ahead.

A river of red ink runs through it...

Another $60,000 chunked into the water hazard.

Oh, dear me. Another Tom Daly fiasco; another example of incompetence and cronyism his pals in the media won’t touch; yet another mauve feather in the dismal repuglican headdress of Daly’s admirer, John Lewis (& Co.) who keeps insisting that the egregious Daly is some sort of “fiscal conservative.”

And good grief, we’ve only just scratched the surface. Be sure to stay tuned.


  1. Aren’t Cunningham and Probolsky on the Harbors Beaches and Parks Commission cutesy of Campbell and Bates?? Interesting web these folks have tangled us taxpayers in.

  2. OC Register and OC weekly do you guys have a pulse? Hello Board of Supervsors you guys need to teach Tom Daly a lesson. He is wasting taxpayers money and the guy doesn’t even show up to work.

    Tom Daly is campaigning at work. This is illegal to do during county time.

    We the voters must VOTE this IDIOT out of office.

    Please let all yours friends know NOT vote for Tom Daly.

  3. I can’t believe Tom Daly is wasting taxpayers money and no newspaper have said one word about his actions.

    He gives contract and jobs to friends who donates to his campaigned. This is unacceptable.

    Nick Berardino where is your bullhorn? Is it broken or you just proctecting Tom Daly.

    I pay my union dues and this is pathethic. The union members needs to know how you are proctecting Tom Daly. Step up to the plate and do something about Tom Daly overspending taxpayers money while County employees are loosing jobs and taking furloughs.

    The Board of Supervisors need to step in and reprimand Tom Daly for lying and embarassing them.

    OC Register stoping covering up for Tom Daly. You guys are a newspaper so do your job and cover the news!!!!

  4. NOthing surprises me about Tom Daly anymore. If i had donated any money to his campaign i would ask for it back.

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if this assclown Daly hires illegal aliens. He is as predictable as an organ monkey. Give it money and it will dance for you. That’s what Daly is. Anyways I heard his wife used to be married to a bodybuilder. Really? She went for Tom after being with a bodybuilder? From muscle to pastee. She probably misses those nice strong muscles all over her.

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