Another Day, Another Embarrassment For Sidhu

My good friend Chriss came this close to beating the rap...

Reading Harry Sidhu’s list of endorsers really makes you pause. I checked out the list of “honorary host committee members” to his upcoming fundraiser.

Harry and I are in complete agreement. Government is all about service. Self-service!

Oh, look! There’s Brett Barbre, the OC Municipal Water District creep who gouged County taxpayers for $48,000 to study an athletic hall of fame, and who kicked back a $1000 campaign contribution to Tom Daly – they guy who gave him the do-nothing job at our expense.

I think Harry has a bright future...even brighter than mine.

Look again and you see the name Chriss Street, the County Treasurer who yesterday was found guilty by a judge of breaching his fiduciary obligation by systematically plundering a business trust that was his responsibility. He was ordered to pay over $7,000,000 by the judge in the case. John Moorlach has called for his immediate resignation.

And Street had previously gotten into hot water by having hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of remodeling work done at his office without soliciting bids. How did he do that? He split up the work into dozens of small purchase orders. He also got County employees to dummy up fake bid solicitations after the fact. Chris Prevatt did a pretty good job describing the DAs subsequent whitewash, here.

What slimy rocks does Sidhu turn over to find these miscreants?

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10 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Embarrassment For Sidhu

  1. It’s funny how these people attract each other.

    Like blobs of mercury they glom onto one another.

  2. Alas, it is a bad day for Street. He really did make some good improvements to the office of the Treasurer however, they will all be overlooked after Friday.

    If you follow the paper trail, of the bids for the remodel and the subsequent fallout, you will land at Brett Barbre’s feet. Barbre got the boot by Street and leaked to then Director of OC Public Works, Brian Spiegel, that Street carved up contracts to slide under the limit requiring Board Approval. Spiegel, with his willing accomplices Mr. M. and Mr. W, somehow produced documents that later proved to be falsified by either M & W or some mystery forger, that had been used to accuse Street of the bidding issues.

    And lets not forget that Moorlach’s signatures were on Whistle Jacket before Street. Or that Moorlach supported Sandra Hutchens in her quest to limit and revoke CCW permits.

    And what became of Spiegel? Ostensibly fired for mismanagement and ripped to shreds in the O.C. Performance Auditors report as well as the OC Register.

    Regardless, it is a sad day in the County. We can, though, be assured of better times ahead.

    1. #4, sounds like you know a whole bunch. Whatever happened to the dude who actually faked the documents? He was “suspended” for a while.

      Speegle really was a worthless tool. Arrogant and useless. And his boy Tim Neely oversaw a Planning Department that became a huge joke. Of course that seemed to be the way the Supes wanted it.

      1. Forge someones signature, get suspended. Was grounds for firing. It should have been turned over to the DA.

        I can say no more.

    1. #6, be sure to check out my post on the topic tomorrow morning. We’ve received correspondence from Mr. Donovan, too.

  3. This is going to get worse for Daly. Stones are being turned over, and oh there is a lot of things that will be found.

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