FFFF = Best Blog in OC

Look no farther...

Okay, this isn’t really news anymore, but what the Hell.

In its annual “Best Of OC” edition, the magisterial and terribly proper OC Weekly named us as Best Blog 2010. Or something like that. You can read about it here, and then shower us with praise; or heap abuse upon us – as many of our FPOA and Sidhu campaign worker readers are won’t to do.

Yes, we are referred to as juvenile name callers. Guilty as charged. But boring? No, that title belongs to the tiresome party-run running dog blogs that have nothing to say except what their uber-bosses tell them is kosher.

Out here on the Fringe the air is rarefied, and sometimes we get a little dizzy. But we ever soldier on, bringing you the Truth. As we see it, anyway.

9 Replies to “FFFF = Best Blog in OC”

  1. Great job stroking yourself with the help of a shill named CW or Colony Rabble. Must be one hell of a circle jerk at the headquarters. What a racist site.

  2. I read on another blog that you aren’t living where you claim to live as far as voting purposes go. Is that true? Why not go by the rules if you aren’t living there?

    How come you don’t put your name or organizations name and number on your negative signs?

    Why do you spend so much time and money on the negative side of this? What’s in it for you?

    Is everyone associated with this site a paranoid nutball?

    Why is this site always against women and minorities?

    1. “Why do you spend so much time and money on the negative side of this?”

      Because this is Fullerton and there is almost never a positive side to spend time or money on.

    2. “Why is this site always against women and minorities?”

      Why do cops always beat up Mexicans? Why does Hairball Sidhu keep running for office?

      These are deep philosophical questions that cannot be answered by those wit 6 JC credits under their gun belts.

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