Liberal OC Trips Over Its Own Chmielewski

The other night at the NUFF blogger forum, Dan C., the pompous co-proprietor of the Liberal OC blog held forth on the importance of fact checking prior to publishing something. See, with Dan, it’s all about credibility. Check it out:

And yet, just today Dan C. seems to have conveniently mislaid his own supposedly high standards. He wrote a post about Shirley Grindle filing a complaint against me for using an old  political action committee in a new election. He put up a picture of a guy throwing a rock at a glass house. Hypocrisy, get it? Turns out that really was an apt image, but not in the way Dan C. meant it!

Ms. Grindle got it wrong, of course, as I have subsequently informed her. I already created the necessary committee for the 4th District election, but that didn’t stop Intrepid Boy Reporter #1 from passing along the false accusation – too damn lazy to go the California Secretary of State website to check! And guess who Dan’s first commenter was on this post? Yup, you guessed it! Intrepid Boy Reporter #2 – Matthew J. Cunningham, who was only to happy to hop onto the unsubstantiated post by his Blue comrade. He’s deep into credibility, too, you see.

Who knew methane had nutritional value?

A few comments into the thread Intrepid Boy Reporter #1 was forced to acknowledge the truth, but he lamely defended his post by claiming that the story was trueGrindle did file a complaint. Now if anybody had pulled this sort of cheap stunt on him or Jerbal, either one of them would have thrown a tantrum; but well, you know – the self-righteousness that pervades both of these establishment toadies make them perfectly unaware of their own hypocrisies. Or unconcerned about them.

And for Dan’s sake he better hope Shirley Grindle doesn’t start reporting Elvis sightings.

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  1. News Flash!!! both kiddee reporters #1 and #2were seen in west hollywood at voyeur. rumor has it that dannie boy was wearing his best latex slave suit with his galloway for stupidvisor campaign buttons on his chest while intrepid jerbie boy was wearing his oc park ranger uniform having just left the jerbie cave. Eyewitnesses to their presence there said they were enamored with the leather covered poles with jerbie wanting to take one back to the jerbie cave for use. When interviewed by reporters present all dannie boy coulkd say is that he wanted copies of the interview so that he and jerbie could post their interviews on youtube on the galloway channel

  2. Cunningham is nothing more than a propaganda stooge for Michael J. Schroeder, Esq. and his new pet project, Craig Hunter.

  3. As if hypocrisy needed any more light shed on it for these two consider this.

    You report that Sidhu signed an affidavit under oath that was false and go so far as to investigate with a professional investigator prior to launching the post. Lib OC and the Jerb County mock you by claiming you are only trying to get an accusation out there so it can be used as material later. They never address the fact it is true.

    Here they make an allegation against you that they never investigate before hand. The accusation turns out to be bogus and verifyable on the State web site. The stick by the claim that the report of violation was true (just not the actual violation of the law).

    The saying goes “hypocrisy knows no bounds. I know what they mean. Keep up the good work.

  4. I’m an OC Liberal……….I never go over to that blog, because they never have any of the stories I’m interested in. They are completely irrelevant, so it’s not even listed in my blog tab. I have nothing against those guys, hell, I don’t even know who they are. All I can say is that I read blogs and comment most of my work day. I have for years……..they aren’t even a blip on my screen.The LiberalOC is the most ineffective watered down piece of drivel, I wish somebody would actually do something with it. After all, it’s giving OC liberals a bad name.

  5. #7, irrelevancy is a consequence of knee-jerk stoogery.

    In Dan’s case his main sycophancy is directed at the crooked Agran machine for whom he can never bend over far enough.

    He attacks FFFF because they’ve had the temerity to uncover the doings of Princess Pam on her little plantation.

    And now there’s Galloway – another featherhead. What’s that all about?

  6. I think he just wants some attention.

    He knows if he posts anything negative about Tony, Shawn Nelson and FFFF, then Matt Cunningham gets on and blogs, he responds, witty banter back and forth.

    Guarantee Dan gets a few hits and new comments left by unigue users–this makes him so excited and happy.

    Want to shut him down, stop talking about him. The guy is a total wannabe political reporter. Looser sits at home in the dark in his underwear.

    1. Thor,

      You may be on to something. The most hits the FibOC gets is when they run posts attacking myself, Art, the OJ or our friends. That always drives the numbers up for them.

      1. Sean,

        Actually, I think Matt does it on his blogs too. If you look at his comment numbers they are largest when bashing FFFF an OJ.

        I finally just deleted Red County from my bookmarks because I just can’t take the PAID BLOGS he puts up for his BOSS Lewis. Makes me sick!

        So Matt gets no hits from us any longer…

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