Shawn Nelson Declines To Be Interviewed By the Deputy Sheriffs Union

Finally, somebody putting the taxpayers first?

We’ve heard that 4th Supervisorial candidate Shawn Nelson was a no show at the Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs’ interviews this morning.

According to an informed source, Nelson had previously decided not to seek the sheriff union endorsement, and he didn’t want to waste their time interviewing him.

The AOCDS is a relatively powerful public employee union that has often demonstrated its willingness and ability to involve itself in local and County elections. How this may play out for Nelson is uncertain, although their endorsement was probably unlikely in any case given Nelson’s history as a pension watchdog in Fullerton.

If you don't interview me I can't let you kiss my ring. That's just common sense.

Certainly adhering to the new no-union endorsement policy of OCGOP boss Scott Baugh should help Nelson among those Republicans who believed that Baugh meant what he said, and that what he said meant something.

Well, we’ll see.

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  1. After watching the OCGOP over the past few months, I’m not sure why anyone believes they mean what they say. But I am glad to see Shawn Nelson remain consistent in his actions and not just his words.

    I think we all know that Galloway will pander away given the chance. Sidhu on the other hand loves to pander but hates showing up. Maybe he just hates crowd. The one video of him at his state senate rally event was pretty quiet and he showed up. Yep, it’s his fear of crowds.

  2. Wayne Quint and Scott Baugh are cut from the same useless, worthless, lying cloth. The best thing for Nelson, whom I am not crazy about (but consider the options – gag) is to have as little affiliation as possible with any of these kooks.

  3. Nice Job Shawn? Now you hand out kudos for not showing up to an interview that could have potentially helped him. I don’t understand why he wouldn’t have attended just to be heard and to listen/learn. There is no harm in that. I know from reading on this site that any other candidate for any position (other than Nelson and Norby) would be hammered. Fo this site to gain some credibility you need to be fair and critical with all and not just your friends.

    1. Hey genius, the purpose of the interview was to kiss Wayne Quint’s ring and get the union endorsement. Listen/learn? You’ve got to be kidding!

      Nelson staked out conservative turf here that is congruent with the new policy laid down by OCGOP chief Scott Baugh. Having the union behind him probably would have helped – but he chose not to be beholden to it.

      Gilligan, this may come a s big surprise to you, but a lot of us are sick of being bankrupted by the pension demands of public employee unions.

  4. Joe because I have an opinion that is different than yours regarding if he should have attended or not doesn’t qualify me as a genius. I said was there was no harm to attend this interview and if it was anyone other than the chosen few (Nelson/Norby) you would be all over them. There are many things I agree with on this site but there are some that I don’t. Keep up the great work ds.

    1. Meeting with the union is not meant to be a “learning experience”, it’s meant to get an endorsement.

      If you are a candidate that wants to signal that you are not a union lackey then there is indeed harm in going to that interview.

  5. Had Baugh not made his emancipation proclamation in January, I’m confident all of the candidates would have interviewed for the AOCDS. With Nelson seeking an OCGOP Central Committee office, he needs to play by the current committee’s rules. Next year could see a reversal in the anti-union policy or maybe some stricter policies. Point is, Shawn is playing by the rules. He has a consistent message and is willing to debate ALL of the candidates on all of the BOS topics. That makes him my pick.

    1. love the fact that Harry Sidhu was right there in line for the endorsement / money.

      shows how he really feels about the party. who cares what rules they setup…hope this bites him in the ass.


      1. Do you know for a fact that Sidhu was there? Along with CD’s comment, that sounds a lot like a post.

        1. From the OCR Total Buzz, March 30th, 2010, 4:28 pm by Jennifer Muir

          “Three candidates in the race showed up to talk with the union: Rose Espinoza, Harry Sidhu and Lorri Galloway. Art Brown, a former deputy sheriff in LA County who also is running, is working to reschedule his appointment because he was sick, Dominguez said. Richard Faher did not respond to the union’s request and was not interviewed.”

  6. Wrong Greg.

    Nelson AND Sidhu had to sign a pledge they would not seek public union support to even ask for the Lincoln Club endorsement. This would have existed with or without Baugh’s position. My understanding is both of them did sign it.

    How does one sign an agreement that he will not seek public union support and then go to an interview seeking public union support? Simple answer is you have to be willing to lie to somebody.

  7. Agreeing to an interview is NOT the same as seeking an endorsement.

    A frank exchange of views is always better than not showing up. Show up next time, Shawn!

    1. I disagree, codger. The unions are definitely not interested in hearing what he has to say — especially if it is against their interests.

      Why give a future opponent (and they will spend money against him) more ammo when it is not needed?

      Codger, is there ANY chance that Shawn could sway them on ANYTHING?

      Thought not.

  8. The candidates dont get asked by the union to come and interview. The candidates request a meeting to seek endorsement. Thats it.

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