6 Replies to “12 Years is Enough!”

  1. 80%!

    And it’s because FFFF applied the pressure and got commitments out of the City Council to agendize terms limits. For those who say FFFF never promotes positive change, consider this: there would be no term limits today without the Fuffsters.

    And just think, in 12 years we will finally be rid of Bankhead; Jonesey’s got another 14 years!

  2. You’re right FFFF. I’m sorry but as a union slob I am forced to deny the truth even when it is starring me in the face. Call me the modern day Bhagdad Bob.

  3. Is the term limits only effective after the fact giving Bankhead 12 more years or does Bankhead have 4 left?

  4. It’s sad that term limits are seen as needed. If you don’t like somebody you should logically be able to vote them out of office and thus end their term.

    That people don’t pay attention and allow jackholes to continually live in policy positions for eons is amazing.

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