When is “No” better than “Yes”?

Hopefully, saying “yes” to something means you understand what you are saying yes to. How many times have we said “yes” when we really have no idea what the results of  that “yes” really meant? Hopefully not many.

How many times has our city council said “yes” when they really had no idea what they were saying “yes” to.

Fullerton or Toontown?

When is “No” better than “Yes”? Always, when you don’t know what you are talking about.

How to kill a Fox

When is it too late to be smart? Never.

Remember, it’s never too late to be smart. Just say “no” when you are not 100% sure about the results of what you are saying “yes” to.

Urban Futures has no idea of Fullertons Future
Urban Futures has no idea about Fullerton's Future
Voting “yes” may comfort insecure or uninformed politicians, but it inevitably leads to disaster.

5 Replies to “When is “No” better than “Yes”?”

  1. Good post. Councilpersons are forever going along with stuff about which they are clueless, because:

    1) don’t wish to appear ignorant; and

    2) they actually trust nincompoops who cook up the boondoggles; and

    3) they confuse collegiality with staff and colleagues as the prime directive; and

    4) they want to be seen to be doing something; and

    5) “No” is just so, um…negative!

    Why can’t they people, especially the ones professing to be “conservative,” realize that saying “no” is perhaps the greatest gift that we bestow upon ourselves in a democracy.

  2. after watching the youtube destruction of fullerton landmarks, fullerton’s new city motto should be “change you can believe in”

  3. What is Mr. Futures looking at in the image (above)? A FFFF T-shirt goes to the 1st person with the correct answer.

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