Amphibian Assault

Every now and then we get a particularly perspicacious comment from one of our Loyal Friends that we think is worth posting separately. The following was written by Hollis Dugan in response to our post about the Fullerton Observer and its hermetically sealed philosophical environment. We have cleaned up his spelling for him. Explains Mr. Dugan:

I always sing in the shower...
I always sing in the bath tub...


What to me at least becomes the most bizarre angle of the Observer finally is that Kennedy is a left wing loon that probably never envisioned herself as the apologist for the establishment. The far left commie types like her came out of the 60’s and early 70’s AGAINST the establishment. Freedom from government tyranny and limits on liberty.

Now it seems, like boiling a frog, Kennedy and her ilk have let the heat rise so slowly it never occurred to them that they are the last protectors of the government machine controlling everyone’s liberty. Wake up Kennedy! Your values have been boiled right out of you without detection by anyone at your little rag.

Have the drugs done that much damage? You should be screaming from the rooftops how outrageous the thought of the City running its own blog to control the information flow (attempt to, anyway). Instead you are a meek little cheerleader for the inept and pathetic control mongers that can’t stand when others have an independent thought.

It’s not too late to become a fighter for liberty.

4 Replies to “Amphibian Assault”

  1. It does seem strange. Good point Dugan. Since when did the followers of the revolution end up becoming the protectors of the government bureaucracy? Looks like Kennedy has become what she set out to oppose.

  2. Exactly what is she observing? Certainly NOT Fullerton! Kennedy has a personal agenda into which all the new must fit–facts be damned!

  3. admin, willis , sage, you have been bamboozled by sharon kennedy. she is not the driving force of the fullerton observer. Before you credit her with agendas or corrupting freedom fighter newspapers ask her why she is qualified to be editor of the fullerton observer or ask her to write a 3 paragraph essay on why she wants to be an editor.

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