The Giant Pole on Elk Hill. Hang A Flag Off It And Maybe Nobody Will Ask Any Questions

what the devil is it?
what the devil is it?

It’s probably not too often that a flag pole becomes a topic of a blog. But today it is. We have already posted previous stories about the complete failure of the Elks/CSUF housing fiasco up on Elk Hill, and now it’s time to take a look at the Elks Lodge “flag pole.” We’re pretty sure there is something else going on here, and we wonder how this odd-looking object got here in the first place. This thing must be over three feet in diameter, and has no taper, making it officially the widest and most ungainly flag pole we’ve ever seen.

This giant tube sure looks funny, whatever it is really for, although we really can’t say that it offends any of the rest of the, um, ecclectic architectural assemblage up there on the Fullerton Acropolis.

We would like to hear from you Loyal Readers about your thoughts regarding this huge erection at the new Elks Lodge.

Elks Flag Pole
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22 Replies to “The Giant Pole on Elk Hill. Hang A Flag Off It And Maybe Nobody Will Ask Any Questions”

  1. Perhaps this flag pole was the design of Frank Lloyd Crane? Or designedby the talented bunch on the RDRC? Likely a cover for a cell tower and a new source of money for the municipal or CSUF beast. After all, what would an Elk do with money?

  2. This is clearly a totemic phallic symbol meant to glorify and perpetuate male dominance.

    Do the Elks let females into their club?

  3. If it’s a cell transmission monopole then the Director of Development had to approve it. Now let’s see, who would approve something so damn stupid looking?

  4. I’m going to say waht everyone is thinking: it’s big and round, just like most of the elks I know.

  5. admin, “We would like to hear from you Loyal Readers about your thoughts regarding this huge erection at the new Elks Lodge.”, perhaps a bit over rated, ya think?

  6. the architecturally disgusted collective unconscious of fullertonites, manifested through the B.P.O. Elks of fullerton flips the bird to fullerton’s city council and its redevelopment agency

  7. Is there an Elk out there that can pull himself away from the bar and reassure the world that that thing is not a flag pole? That thing is messin wit my mind. What the hell is it?

  8. I just spoke to a long time Elk who asked that I not mention his name. He says the flag pole is NOT a cell tower, it’s just a flag pole.

    1. Holy Cow! Then there’s no excuse at all for that monstrosity. So the question is did they get a permit for that eyesore?

  9. I heard it was a spaceship launcher. Put a city council person in a the tube and propel them to outerspace when they get outta hand.

  10. According to insider reports, the purported phallic symbol erected in the near vicinity of Council woman Quirk’s home is in fact a small spaceship launcher. It was placed there by the nefarious evildoers, FFFF.
    But FFFF refutes any claims by detractors that it was put there to shoot errant councilmembers into outerspace when they got “outta hand.”
    “Of course, we wouldn’t do that,” said undercover reporter Sir BadAss Harpoon, who was interviewed as he was exiting the local dry cleaners. “Besides, Jones wouldn’t fit.”
    However, Sir BadAss would not comment when asked why he was carrying five spacesuits on hangers

  11. Yup. It is a cell tower. Part of the approved project. CSUF can’t do much of anything right. Perhaps Dickerson needs to cash in his chips, and let someone with a different approach try to work on faculty housing.

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